Baseball Board Bets (2011)

Sexy Rexy v. Cubsfan4evr1

1) Will Carlos Zambrano be on the Cubs active roster on Opening Day?
Sexy Rexy: No
Cubsfan4evr1: Yes
Winner: Cubsfan

2) Over/Under 24.5 home runs for Jason Bay in 2011
Sexy Rexy: Over
Cubsfan: Under

3) Who will be the better pitcher in 2011: Gavin Floyd or Edison Volquez?
Sexy Rexy: Floyd
Cubsfan: Volquez

4) Will Josh Johnson be a top 20 pitcher in 2011?
Sexy Rexy: Yes
Cubsfan: No

5) Who will hit more home runs in 2011: Adam Dunn or Carlos Pena?
Sexy Rexy: Pena
Cubsfan: Dunn

Sexy Rexy v. David "MVP" Eckstein

1) Will Javier Vazquez be a top 30 pitcher in 2011?
Sexy Rexy: Yes
Prize: Beer bet

2) Over/Under 129.5 games played for Ian Kinsler
Sexy Rexy: Under
DME: Over

3) Which San Diego pitcher will be better in 2011: Tim Stauffer or Aaron Harang?
Sexy Rexy: Harang
DME: Stauffer

(NOTE: This bet is only through the time that both pitchers are within the San Diego system. This bet does not become void by injury or by trade, but rather the pitchers are measured via the Yahoo! player rater from the time that both are Padres. For example, If Stauffer spends the entire year as a Padre but Harang gets traded immediately after the All-Star break, then this bet measures how both players perform during the first half of the season only)

4) Who will be better in 2011: Wade Davis or Ricky Nolasco?
Sexy Rexy: Davis
DME: Nolasco

5) Will Jeremy Hellickson be a top 30 fantasy starter in 2011? (min 180 IP)
Sexy Rexy: No
DME: Yes
NOTE: If Hellickson pitches under 180 innings this bet becomes void

6) Will Michael Young be a top 3B in 2011?
Sexy Rexy: Yes

7) Was Dianna Keaton in the Woody Allen movie "Manhattan"?
Sexy Rexy: No
DME: Yes

Prize: Beer bet
Winner: DME

Sexy Rexy v. The 'Bright' One

1) Will any Chicago White Sox starting pitcher be better in 2011 than Carlos Zambrano? (In order for any pitcher in this bet to qualify, they need to make at least 24 starts/ 24 starts for the White Sox)
Sexy Rexy: Yes

Cubsfan4evr1 v. David "MVP" Eckstein

1) Who will finish higher in the AL West standings: Oakland A's or Los Angeles Angels?
DME: A's
Cubsfan: Angels
Prize: Beer bet

Cubsfan4evr1 v. The 'Bright' One

1) Will Evan Longoria hit at least 35 home runs in 2011?
Cubsfan: Yes and Longoria will deserve to be the AL MVP

2) Who will be better in 2011: Brett Gardner or Juan Pierre?
TBO: Gardner
Cubsfan: Pierre

3) Who will be the better third baseman in 2011: David Wright or Kevin Youkilis?
TBO: Wright
Cubsfan: Youkilis


1) Over/Under R.A. Dickey ERA: 4.00
DME: Under. He'll be above average.
TBO: Below, he sucks.
Wager: noodles
DME v. Other People

1) Over/Under on Colby Rasmus home runs: 24
DME: Under, would not be shocked if he does not eclipse 20
Dave Nangle: Over, you foolish cubs fan.
Wager: a beer

2) Cubs or Cardinals place higher in the NL Central this season
DME: Cubs -- a lack of Wainwright, regression by Jaime/Colby, and a lack of hitting outside Pujols/Holliday will cripple the team's chances at .500
Dave Nangle: Cardinals
Wager: a beer

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all bets will correspond to a standard 5x5 Yahoo! player rater
Can you plz put the follow bet on the board between me and

3) Who will score more runs in the second half (as a team), the Chicago White Sox or Kansas City Royals?
DME: White Sox
@therealjeffnks from Twitter: Royals