I'm Sorry Jake Peavy For All Those Hurtful Words, Can We Please Make Up?

Jake Peavy is now officially a Chicago White Sock. Man this feels good to say. I'm extremely excited and happy about this deal and am a bit ticked off that my fellow Sox fans don't agree with me. Here is my reasoning for why I like this Peavy deal:

You didn't give up much: Say this with me White Sox fans, the team did not give up much. The team gave up four pitching prospects including Aaron Poreda and Clayton Richard. This deal did not include Bacon (Gordon Beckam), Gavin Floyd, or John Danks. That means the rotation for the next three years will be: Mark Buehrle, Jake Peavy, John Danks, and Gavin Floyd. That's a damn fine rotation that the Sox will have for a long time. Any pitchers the Sox gave up are either not needed because we now have Peavy or would just be bullpen guys anyway. And why, as an organization, would a desperately want to hold onto to bullpen guys? Plus the Sox still have good young PROVEN guys like Bobby Jenks and my boy Matt Thorton. Bullpen guys are a dime a dozen and inconsistent year to year. Trust me White Sox nation, the future is not tarnished.

Peavy is young and awesome: I know there's concerns that Peavy is moving from the NL to the much harder AL and from the best pitchers parks to a home run friendly field. So I'm sure Peavy won't look AS dominant, but he still will be damn fucking good. Peavy has amazing stuff and is a strikeout pitcher, things the pitcher can control. Great pitchers will be good no matter where they go. I don't have time to look at Peavy's away stats, but I'm sure their fine. Listen, I'm not expecting and ERA under 3, but I am expecting Peavy to be a top 5 AL pitcher and there's reason why he can't be. That, and Peavy is only 28 years old. It's not like the Sox are getting a guy at the end of his career. Jake Peavy also does not give up a whole lot of HRs and it's pretty overrated how much of a hitters park Comickey is.

Let me now address some concerns White Sox fans may have

1) Won't Peavy coast the club a lot? Sure, Peavy comes with a very hefty price tag, but this isn't like fantasy baseball where you can pass on Peavy to get Dan Haren a round later. Peavy has proven to be an amazing pitcher and you should expect very good things from him. And when you get the kind of production that Peavy will probably produce, you have to pay for it. And it's not like there's a salary cap in baseball where a team can ONLY spend x amount, Jerry Reinsdorf can spend all he wants. And if he wants to pay for Peavy, let him, it's no skin off your back. Plus, soon the club is going to get rid of a lot of salary over the next year or two when huge contract guys like Jim Thome and Octavio Dotel gets off the books after this year and when AJ, Konerko, and JD are gone within the next year or two.
2) I don't want to get rid of Clayton Richard, without him the White Sox would be 0-7 and not 1-6 on this road trip! (A legit concern a caller on Carmen, Yurko, and Harry said). 1) Clayton Richard sucks, fuck him. He'd be nothing more than a 5th starter at best 2) Give me the proven All-Star any day of the week. Why do you love the Jay Cutler trade and hate on the Jake Peavy one? It's the same thing and both are awesome.
3) This Peavy deal doesn't help the Sox win this year. True, but what player would help the Sox win this year? Let's face it, unless the Sox made multiple blockbuster deals, they weren't making it to the playoffs. And even so, they wouldn't make it far. Ideally, the goal of every team is to win the World Series and the ChiSox would not even come close this year. But this deal DOES give the team a legitimate chance to go within the next three years. With that beastly rotation, why don't they have a chance? This deal helps the Sox for the long term and not the short term, and that's good because the White Sox don't have a chance is the short term to begin with.

Yes, in order for the White Sox to be a legitimate contender, they will need to get an offense outside of Bacon and maybe CQ, but that's completely independent of this Peavy deal. The Sox still have PLENTY, you hear me PLENTY, of pitchers already on the team or with the minors to help the club in the future. And frankly, I'm just happy Matt Thorton isn't included in this Peavy deal like he was in the original deal. THANK YOU KENNY WILLIAMS, you're moving out of my cynical, hatred pile into my liking pile.

Why I Don't Draft A QB Before the Fifth Round

I have preached this philosophy on this blog and via our podcasts. While a QB overall can probably score you more fantasy points than even an elite RB or wide out, I believe QB are a dime a dozen. Now I won't fault you if you draft Tom Brady with your first pick, but as DME likes to state, would your rather have Hanley and Prince Fielder or Pujols and Derek Jeter? If you didn't quite get that reference, let me explain. The depth of the position is extremely important. SS in fantasy baseball is extremely shallow and 1B is extremely deep. So while many people say they would rather have Pujols over Hanley, DME responds by saying that because 1B is so deep and SS is not, he'll take the best of the best of the shallower position and dig deeper into the deep position.

Well QB in fantasy football are like 1B is fantasy baseball. Sure having an elite will help your team on his own, but when you couple that QB with just a mediocre RB, well your team loses.

Yahoo! has actually done something right (for once) and did a little experiment. They put nine QBs into three tiers. Tier 1 has Brady, Manning, and Brees. Tier 2 has Kurt Warner, Aaron Rodgers, and Philip Rivers and Tier 3 has Donovan McNabb, Matt Schaub, and Matt Ryan. They then used Mock Draft Central ADP's to determine where all players went and then did mock drafts to determine nine teams, all with one of the QBs, and obviously drafted the Tier 1 QBs higher than the Tier 3 QBs. They then used their projection system to determine which team would produce the most points.

Their results help back up what I've preached all along. The top team had a Tier 2 QB- Aaron Rodgers, and the 7th and 8th place team had Tier 1 QBs- Manning and Brees. The second place team had Tom Brady which also backs up the belief that if you draft Brady, you'll be fine. Click on the link above to understand this "study" better or to get more in depth analysis and Yahoo!'s help on QBs.

Now obviously this study is extremely faulty. You never know if a 7th round pick will be the second best fantasy player (i.e. DeAngelo Williams) or if the first overall pick will be a bust (ie LT) which is why basing what teams will win on ADP's and projections is extremely faulty. But the study does help back up what I'm saying.

As I've said over and over again, if you build your team around strong RBs and WRs, you can win. Having depth and knowing where to draft players past the eighth round also helps. Again, if you draft a QB late like I will, you need to be pretty knowledgeable about everyone in the draft and know where to take your backs. You can not just blindly draft a QB late and hope it works out for you. BUT, if you draft smart, you can get a QB five rounds after Tom Brady goes, and still have that guy put up similar numbers.

Bill Simmons Stole My Idea! (sort of): What Is The Most Defining Moive Of This Decade?

On a recent podcast with Chris Connelly, Simmons asked Connelly what the most defining and best movie of this decade was. Simmons said the movie had to fulfill three qualifications: excellence, creativity, re-watchability. I recently had a post about which movies this decade we will remember. While it is not the same as what exactly Simmons asked, it is along similar lines. While on the spot, Connely gave probably the correct answer- The Dark Knight. Simmons, for his movie knowledge, gave a pretty stupid one- Almost Famous.

While Simmons may personally enjoy the movie, it is absolutely not the defining movie of this decade. This is not just opinion, it is fact, Almost Famous is NOT this decade's most defining movie. It is not even close. In fact, in my post, I put Almost Famous in the "maybe" pile. The movie is not shown often on TV, which is a sign that people don't really want to watch it, and it essentially disappeared from the Americana consciousness. All of the quotes Simmons writes in his article are not mainstream quotes and if they were spoofed on SNL or taken out of context, I guarantee you the average American would not understand the reference. Very similar to when my friends and I (essentially YOU reading this) say random quotes from The 40 Year Old Virgin and Home Movies. Myself and my generation will essentially determine what movies from the naughts will be remembered and if it weren't for Simmons, I'm sure very few people would even remember that Almost Famous existed. None of my friends or myself rant and rave about Almost Famous, nor do anyone who I met in high school or college, which is why I initially put Famous in the "maybe" column.

Bill Simmons has what he calls The Esgee Awards, a place where you can vote for what movie you think is this decade's most defining movie. You can choose between: The Dark Knight, The Departed, Gladiator, No Country For Old Men, Lord Of The Rings, Gladiator, Cast Away, Brokeback Mountain, and Almost Famous. It should be no surprise that TDK is has been voted first and Almost Famous had been voted fourth above: TCFOM, Cast Away, and Brokeback Mountain (probably more to do with Simmons' influence, the bi-polarity of NCFOM reviews, and the crapiness of Cast Away compared to the rest of the group).

I could go on and on saying just how terrible this decade is to begin with and just how poor essentially all of these choices are, but surprisingly, I do have a social life and time constraints, so I will just tell you why The Dark Knight is this decade's best movie. I will agree with Simmons initial assumption of the qualifications of what makes the best movie. I will now go on to explain how TDK fulfills the three qualifications. First of all, The Dark Knight, is one of the greatest action movies of all time or par with Indiana Jones and Terminator 2. Secondly, the fact that it was one of the biggest grossing movies ever shows it's excellence and rewatchability. In order for a movie to make that much money, many people have to go see it over and over again. I know I personally saw it opening weekend and twice after that. Plus, the reason people go see over and over again is BECAUSE of how good the movie is. I had a friend tell me that TDK should have been nominated for a Best Picture Oscar because it made so much money. I think there's missing causality links, but he's right. The reason it made SO MUCH money was BECAUSE the movie was so good- hence deserving at least an Oscar nod.

The movie also is certainly creative. The movie aired after Spiderman 2, the Tim Burton Batman's, and even Iron Man, and yet STILL managed to be creative. Superhero and action movies are a dime a dozen (cough cough X-Men cough cough) and yet TDK still manages to be different. There's so much depth to the movie, the characters, and the story itself that it's creativity leads to its excellence.

Simmons also uses quotes from Almost Famous to help state his case/ write a sports column and The Dark Knight certainly has its fair of quotable line, much more than Almost Famous. Not only are there the big ones the studio pushed like "Why So Serious?" and "Hellooooooo Commmm-issioner" but minor one my friends and I like to drop every so often like "I'm very good with calculation", "I'M NOT WEARING HOCKEY PADS", and "'Do you know how I got these scars?' 'No, but I know how you got these!'". While the movie really doesn't have that natural awesome line that people quoted like "I... drink... your... milkshake, I DRINK IT UP!" but I'm sure if you quoted TDK, the average American would understand the reference.

I think most people would understand the reference because of just how new the movie is, and I think that's the only detriment to the movie. I movie like Gladiator has proven it can stand the test of time- more so that The Dark Knight can, just because of how old Gladiator is and how recent TDK is. The only way to truly determine what the best movie from this decade is will be is to ask generation after generation after generation and see what their response is. Time is the best indicator and TDK hasn't really stood the test of it yet. But I think it's still safe to say that 1) The Dark Knight (so far) is the best movie of the decade and 2) Almost Famous should not even be in the conversation. Sorry Billy.

Suck it, Curt Schilling

The New York Times is reporting David Ortiz and Manny BOTH tested positive for steroids in 2003. No cheaters in Boston, eh?

Jay Cutler on South Park

Sort of NSFW- this also was shot before Cutler's awesome season last year

Sports Videos, News, Blogs

Characters Welcome!

Sorry USA for stealing your tag line, but it's fits so perfectly with my post. Anyway, I was randomly thinking about the best characters on TV right. Then, I thought, "why not make this into a post!" Plus, the only reason I ever listened to the Play Ball with Amanda and Melissa podcast (besides the fact I listened to every other Pod Vader podcast) was their NCAA style bracket based off of fiction in movies/TV. They first had a bracket of the best TV shows out there, and then they did something sort of similar by matching up fictional players/teams against each other (i.e. who would win if the team in A League Of Their Own faced the team in Bull Durham). So here's my version of that, the 64 best characters currently on TV. First, I categorized every character I could think of, and placed them into seeds. Then, based off of those seeds, I put them into brackets.

In order for a character to qualify: 1) Their show must currently be on television, 2) The character must be a regular an not just a frequent cameo and 3) The show the character is on must qualify for the Primetime Emmys.

Now this bracket is broken up exactly like the real NCAA bracket with four parts. I tried my best to categorize each character so that each bracket has a theme. Now obviously some characters aren't going to fit so they may seem out of place, but generally speaking, the themes work. The four brackets are: The Entourage Bracket (mainly consist of Entourage characters or characters with a slight edge to them), The Funny Bracket (mainly consisting of funny character or characters from comedy shows), The Effeminate Bracket (mainly consisting of females of effeminate dudes), and The Bad Ass Bracket (well you get the idea).

So without further adieu, here you go:

The Entourage Bracket
(1) Ari Gold (Entourage) vs. (16) Creed Bratton (The Office)
(2) Jack Bauer (24) vs. (15) Roger Sterling (Mad Men)
(3) Peter Griffin (Family Guy) vs. (14) E (Entourage)
(4) Walter White (Breaking Bad) vs. (13) Christine Campbell (The New Adventures of Old Christine)
(5) Johnny Drama (Entourage) vs. (12) Vinny Chase (Entourage)
(6) Hank Hill (King of the Hill) vs. (11) Patrick Jane (The Mentalist)
(7) Horatio Caine (CSI: Miami) vs. (10) Turtle (Entourage)
(8) Lisa Simpson (The Simpsons) vs. (9) Dexter Morgan (Dexter)

The Funny Bracket
(1) Jack Donaghy (30 Rock) vs. (16) Leonard (TBB Theory)
(2) Adrian Monk (Monk) vs. (15) Alan Shore (Boston Legal)
(3) Barney Stinson (HIMYM) vs. (14) Dr. Cal Lightman (Lie To Me)
(4) Dwight Shrute (The Office) vs. (13) Barack Obama (SNL)
(5) Kenneth Parcell (30 Rock) vs. (12) Jermaine (Flight/Conchords)
(6) McDreamy (Grey's Anatomy) vs. (11) Randy Marsh (South Park)
(7) Tracy Jordan (30 Rock) vs. (10) Sheldon Cooper (TBB Theory)
(8) Hiro Nakmura (Heroes) vs. (9) Noah Bennet/HRG (Heroes)

The Effeminate Bracket
(1) Homer Simpson (The Simpsons) vs. (16) Claire Bennett (Heroes)
(2) Michael Scott (The Office) vs. (15) Jenna Maroney (30 Rock)
(3) Liz Lemon (30 Rock) vs. (14) Dr.Grey (Grey's Anatomy)
(4) Charlie Harper (2.5 Men) vs. (13) 13 (House)
(5) Deputy Johnson (The Closer) vs. (12) Lt. Jim Dangle (Reno 911)
(6) Jack Shepard (Lost) vs. (11) Pam Beasley (The Office)
(7) Jim Halpert (The Office) vs. (10) Allen Harper (2.5 Men)
(8) Jack McCoy (Law and Order) vs. (9) Bart Simpson (The Simpsons)

The Bad Ass Bracket
(1) Dr. Gregory House (House) vs. (16) Play-In Game
(2) Don Draper (Mad Men) vs. (15) Dr. Sean McNamara (Nip/Tuck)
(3) Eric Cartman (South Park) vs. (14) Betty Draper (Mad Men)
(4) Sylar/Gabriel Grey (Heroes) vs. (13) Ben Linus (Lost)
(5) Kenny Powers (E&D) vs. (12) Shawn Spencer (Psych)
(6) Elliot Stabler (L&O: SVU) vs. (11) Grace H. (Saving Grace)
(7) Michael Westin (Burn Notice) vs. (10) Pete Campbell (Mad Men)
(8) Dr. Christian Troy (Nip/Tuck) vs. (9) Olivia Benson (L&O: SVU)

Play-In Game
(64) Tarvold (Viking Quest) vs. (65) Older Brother (Five Towns)

So there you go. Here's your list. Feel free to vote on who you think should move on and who should be higher or lower! Soon I will post the winners of each round until we determine who the best character currently on TV is.

# of characters TV shows received
(7) Entourage
(5) The Office, 30 Rock
(4) Heroes, Mad Men
(3) The Simpsons
(2) South Park, Grey's Anatomy, Law & Order: SVU, The Big Bang Theory, Nip/Tuck, House, Lost, Two and a Half Men
(1) 24, Family Guy, Breaking Bad, The New Adventures of Old Christine, The Closer, Reno 911, How I Met Your Mother, SNL, Flight Of The Conchords, Lie To Me, King of the Hill, Boston Legal, Dexter, Psych, Saving Grace, The Mentalist, Burn Notice, Law and Order, Monk, CSI: Miami, Eastbound and Down

1)I almost forgot Kenny Powers so that's why he's a five seed
2) I had this bracket all nicely laid out when writing this post but fucking Blogger took out all my nice semmetric spacing
3) I also had the actor's name as well but because Blogger is dumb, the spacing made it look messed up so I had to take it out

At least Jose Guillen knows he sucks

Jose Guillen was very honest to the KC media even offering to give up some of the 12 million dollars he's stealing..errr..earning from the Royals organiszation
"I hate making excuses. If I suck, then I suck. And I suck. That's the way I'm playing. If you suck, you suck. You have to take responsibility in this game. Right now, that's the way I feel. Yes, I suck. I'm embarrassed by the money that I making, and playing the way I've been playing. I'll swear that on my kids' (lives). I feel very embarrassed. Sometimes, I feel I should take money out of my own pocket and buy tickets for every fan. Because you know what? For a $12 million man, these are not the numbers you should be expecting. I admit it. I'm not playing to my potential."
I've never seen so many "I" in a single paragraph. You'd think Richy Henderson was talking about himself in the 3rd person again. Buying tickets for fans would be a good idea, but that wont leave enough dough for Guillen to feed his children, I bet

Name this MLB player

Here are two major league outfielders who both play in the AL, both are 10 year veterans, both make way over 10 million per year, and both absolutely suck.

Player 1: 280/389/497, 204 career homres, positive UZR
Player 2: 281/330/474, 187 career homers. 2nd worst UZR in baseball this year

Try to guess who these two players are without looking up stats. Player 1 at least seems like a decent player, but he is not. Both have been stealing money hand over fist their entire careers.

Good thing Phillies players arn't actually from Philadelphia

Although the Philadelphia fans may be subhuman as outlined by our own DME, the teams and players seem to be quite pleasant. Check out the in clubhouse video of the Phillies celebrating Mark Buehrle's perfect game.

Philadephia fans ARE subhuman

Whether it be throwing batteries at opposing outfielders, cheering career-ending injuries, firing flare guns during gameplay or simply booing Santa Claus and chucking snowballs at him, fans of Philadelphia sports have been labeled by many (most recently by Nate Ravitz and Matthew Berry) as sub-human. Many, including myself, feel that they are the epitome of poor sportsmanship -- with great, persisting reason.

Take yesterday's matchup between the Cards and Phillies for example. In the 7th inning, with the Phillies up 10-2, an unidentified Phillies fan assalted both Julio Lugo and Albert Pujols with a laser pointer. Such action is not just low, but utterly despicable. Not only was Philly leading by 8 runs with only 8 outs to go, but to shine a highly focused, distracting light into the eyes of a hitter facing a pitcher with a 91+ MPH fastball with below average control is downright dangerous. Either Lugo or Pujols could have been seriously hurt. Thankfully, neither was.

MLB needs to do all in its power (reviewing security/television footage, interviewing people in the vicinity, etc.) to put the son-of-a-bitch who brought the laser pointer to the park in jail.

The 'Bright' One is leaving the blog

I'm just fucking with you. I'll never leave, although we do need to kick out Journalissimo for not doing shit. Seriously, he has until next Monday to write something, anything about sports. Maybe Boston University hockey will win another NCAA championship in the next week. Oh, burn!

I am however writing for a second sports blog, which mainly focuses on the humor and stupidity of the sports world. I'm teaming up with my old friend Richard, who broke GOI's skype podcast guest virginity, to grow a fan base in that genre. Check out the blog sportshumor23, well actually you should bookmark it forever and ever.

The Great Pitch Expectancy Chart

Mad Props to Starbury

Stephon Marbury has been live streaming on the internet for over 18 hours in a row, and is threatening to go for 3 full days in a row! He has stated some crazy things like having sex in the back of a truck, wanting to learn every language in the world, and seeing god in the shower last week. The mad props go out for committing to something for a whole 18 hours, much longer than he has to basketball in the past 5 years. Plus he successfully said "what's up" and "I love you" in Russian, which is a bonus in my eyes. I dont think I can go to sleep, before he does cause this is just pure entertainment.

Breaking News: Cardinals Get Matt Holliday

Sucks for you all you Cubs fans!

According to an ESPN.com article, St Louis trades away elite 3B prospect Brett Wallace, OF Shane Peterson, and RHP and son of ESPN football analysis Chris, Clayton Mortensen to the Oakland A's for Holliday.

P.S. I have absolutely no idea if Clayton is related to Chris

Ex-White Sox pitcher Jim Parque Admits To Using HGH

Yeah, nobody else cares either. Sucks for him he had to release this information on the morning Buehrle throws a perfect game, he should have known!

Bill James breaks his silence on roids, in the most boring way possible

Bill James put out a 4 page article describing his stance on steroid use in baseball. If you dont feel like reading, he basically makes the argument that all steroid users will eventually make the HOF cause perception will die down, past HOFers will endorse steroid users, and there was no legislation preventing steroid use. Apparently James has a boner for Will Clark too. Where's the love for Mark Grace??

The Best 2008 Fantasy Football Team

These projections are based off what my league drafted last year and of course going to be different from other leagues. There is also the assumption that you had a good draft position that would allow to draft these players, but realistically, if you could redo your 2008 draft, this is how you should have drafted:

Rd 1- Adrian Peterson (RB)
Rd 2- Larry Fitzgerald (WR)
Rd 3- Michael Turner (RB)
Rd 4- Drew Brees (QB)
Rd 5- Calvin Johnson (WR)
Rd 6- Dallas Clark (TE)
Rd 7- DeAngelo Williams (RB)
Rd 9- Baltimore D (D/ST)
Rd 12- Chris Johnson (RB)

Rds 8, 10, and 13-15 were wasted picks who you should have picked up (for depth at each position): Visanthe Shiancoe (TE), Steve Slaton (RB), Kurt Warner (QB), Antonio Bryant (WR), and Steven Gotskowski (K)

If you had done this you not only would have won every single week, but you would have probably beaten everybody every week in fantasy football.

More proof that you can always always always find value deep in any fantasy draft and in the free agent pool

Baseball Defined

On Deck – Having plans for a date
Strike-Out – Duh!! (No Date)
Walk – Kissing / No Tongues
Single – Tongue kissing
Double – Breasts/chest touched, some clothes off, lots of grabbing
and eels.
Triple – Most of the clothes off, possible genital contact, mutual masturbation.
Home Run – SEX!
Bunt – Masturbation
Foul tip – VD
Three up and three down – impotency.
Inside the park home run – Oral Sex.
Pre-Game Warm-up – Fore-play.
Ground Rule Double – would have sex, but no condom.
Balk – Premature ejaculation.
Error – Condom breaks during sex.
Double Play – Having two partners at the same time.
Loaded Bases – menage a trois.
Ground Out – Moving for first base but partner says…. “Not on a first date.”
Banned for life for gambling – sex without condom.
Score Card – Number of times you orgasm vs. number of times partner orgasms.
Grand Slam – Sex three times in twelve hours.
Corked Bat – Using Viagra

Pine Tar – Synthetic Lubrication
Relief pitcher – Vibrator
Pinch Runner – Tag-team sex with your roommate
Fast ball – Three strokes DONE!
In a pickle – Getting caught cheating on a partner
Getting the signals crossed – Moving in for the home run and ending up with a strike out.
Box Seats – Waterbed
Seventh Inning Stretch – Unusual positions
Rain Delay – parents/roommate return home unexpectedly.
Stranding the runner – You orgasm, your partner doesn’t.

Spectator – Peeping Tom
Forfeit – Date stands you up
Out of play – That time of the month
Cleared the bases – Changed the sheets
Bleacher Seats – Roommate’s perspective while you are going at it
Suspended – Partner says they need some time alone
Being Traded – Being dumped for someone else
Free Agent – Recently dumped, currently unattached
Disabled list – Done it so much you can’t stand
Ejected from game – Partner throws you off during rodeo sex

Rookie – Virgin
Veteran – Prostitute
Talent Agent – Pimp
Scout – Someone scoping out your partner on a date
Minor Leagues – Under 18
All Stars Game – Doing it with your ex while still going out with your current
Switch Hitter – Sex with her one night, and her brother the next.
Hall of Fame – When you ask “Was it good for you” and they say “YES!!!”

Now that we have the definitions, let’s quickly contrast the old confusion with current clarity:
OLD WAY – We, um got to third base, I guess and then we, um got like past third base, but not to home plate. I really like her…
NEW WAY – First, there was a triple, then we got an inside the park home run, and started thinking, it’s Hall of Fame time!
NEW WAY – So there I was with the bases loaded and nobody out, when I balked during the seventh inning stretch and I had to call in a relief pitcher.

Dewayne Wise's Amazing Catch

You can see the catch here.

In the top of the ninth, Dewayne Wise, a defensive 9th inning CF replacement, made a fantastic play to rob Gabe Kapler of a HR and preserving Buehrle's perfect game. On ESPN, the BBTN crew said this catch was one of, if not THE, best catches. EVER.'

Now it was obvious this catch was way out of Wise's range and he got a poor start when the ball was hit off of the bat. This made it it LOOK extremely impressive that Wise had to run so far to make that amazing grab. But if a better defender was underneath that ball in time and then timed it perfectly, would people still be clamoring about THAT play?

Now I'm not taking anything away from Wise because in the end he DID end up robbing a HR to save a perfect game (maybe Juan Uribe should learn a thing or two about saving perfect games from Wise), but how good really was that catch?


Sexy Rexy should really been writing this post as he is the biggest Sox fan on the blog, but stupid him has a job and a salary. Buehrle did the impossible, again! 27 Rays up, 27 Rays down, 6 on strikes. I only wish I had seen the game and not been playing sports outside like some schmuck. Just an unbelievable individual performance and lets thank god that no defender ruined perfection. Only the 16th perfect game in the 135 year history of baseball. Clemens, Martinez, and Maddux have never thrown a no hitter or a perfect game, let alone both.

As a Cubs fan, I am a Buehrle fan due to his good nature and loyalty to the team and city as a whole. He is the Chicago White Sox, which is why I asked Sexy Rexy on our last podcast what his reaction would be if Buehrle had left, and obviously it would be difficult for all Sox fans to let Buehrle go.

Buehrle claimed that he threw 90% curves and changes in the game, as he was being caught for the first time ever by Juan Castro. A great defensive replacement putting Dwayne Wise into center field may have saved game by Robbing Gabe Kaplar with a Ken Griffey Jr. style catch at the wall.

Side notes, 670 The Score's Ed Framer announced their player of the game, and that player is Dwayne Wise! Of course he is. If there is one thing I will remember from this game it's the Wise home run robbing catch at the wall. Nothing else really stands out from this game. Everyone else was just average. Here's the footage of the entire 9th inning. Enjoy hearing Hawk Harrelson orgasm over his man love for Mark Buehrle

Manny being Manny

After being hit on the wrist by Homer Bailey the night before, Manny was scratched from last night's lineup as a precautionary measure. And yet, he managed to hit a pinch-hit grand slam in the sixth inning -- on Manny Bobblehead giveaway night of all nights (check out Manny's opinions on the bobblehead here).

Classic Manny being Manny, right? Not just the comments with regards to his bobblehead, but also his incredible clutchiness. Last night marked the 22nd Grand Slam of Manny's career, 2nd all-time behind Lou Gehrig (23) on the career leader board. Only a handful of right-handed hitters -- Albert Pujols, Jimmie Foxx, Joe DiMaggio, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays and Roger Hornsby -- come to mind as being in Ramirez's class of talent. Only nine hitters in the history of baseball have a career OPS above 1.000; Pujols and Ramirez are the only two active players on that list and while Pujols is utterly great, he is still in the prime of his career and nowhere near the "decline" phase, while Manny is more likely than not facing the final contacts of his illustrious career. Sustaining those kind of numbers over 17 seasons is no easy feat (not even Todd Helton, whose played at Coors Field, much pre-humidor, his entire career can rival Ramirez's numbers).

In 174 ABs this season, Ramirez has a triple slash line of .348/.475/.681 (1.155 OPS) with 11 HR, 32 R, 37 RBI and 33 BB. Last year with the Dodgers, Ramirez hit .396/.489/..743 (1.232 OPS) with 36 R, 53 RBI, 17 HR in 222 PAs. Pretty consistent, no? At 37, Ramirez has shown no signs of slowing down (perhaps because of steroids) due to age.

You may think his outrageous 2009 numbers are bound to regress, but a lot of signs indicate otherwise. Take a look:
  • Manny has a career 22.5 LD%; this season, his LD% is 22.8%. A rough xBABIP metric is .120+LD%. Thus, a player with a .225 LD rate would likely have a .345 BABIP.
  • Speaking of BABIP, Manny's career BABIP and speed score are respectively .345 and 3.0. This season, those numbers respectively clock in at .369 and 2.6, again, respectively.
  • Manny's has a career .270 ISO (despite a horrible season in 2007, where he posted a .199 ISO over 569 PAs [6.2% of his career]); this season, that figure sits at .314.
  • Manny's career HR/FB rate is 21.9%; this season, Manny is hitting more FBs than last year and is sporting a 21.3% HR/FB rate.
  • Manny's HRs this season average 410.5 FT in distance; the league average home run this season is under 400 FT in distance.
  • Manny's K rate is down almost 2.6 points (11.8%) this season against his career rate.
So sure, the ISO, BABIP are most likely going to regress towards his career rates -- perhaps a little lower due to aging -- going forward on the season, but Manny is still nonetheless one of baseball's premier offensive threats. His pure awesomeness is no news to ANYONE (27 ADP this preseason), but his continued success is incredibly impressive. Steroids or not, Manny is one of the greatest hitters of all time. I'd probably argue Manny is a top ten player in the game's history, especially given the right-handedness, but I'm no expert on baseball pre-2003.

You wanna fight about it?

Apparent Met's VP of player development Tony Bernazard enjoys challenging Mets minor/major league player to fights. This is a bizarre story to say the least.

TMZ gets owned by Ebaumnation

Not only did one video of the infamous LeBron getting posterized video appear today but two separate videos have been leaked by TMZ and Ebaumnation. TMZ was receiving all the hype and glory for buying the only footage out there. However their video was clearly shot with a 0.5 megapixel video recorded with no zoom feature. To the world's surprise, ebaumnation was secretly holding on to their own video of the dunk with picture perfect video quality and shot right under the basket.

The dunk itself was just alright. It was no Davis over Kirilenko or Carter over Zo, but some college reject slammed it with 2 hands. It was more that LeBron got lazy and was slow to get to the basket. But when you have Nike paying you 100 million you dont have to do shit. What if this happened in a game? Does Nike have the authority to rip footage straight from the NBA. I'm shocked the John Starks over Michael Jordan dunk video still exists.

Anyhoo, given the hype this video had, it ended up being more anticlimactic than 'The Hangover'. Here are the two video. First watch the 1950's underwater TMZ version followed by the Ebaumnation version.

Erin Andrews Is Now In My Spank Bank

Apparently somebody shot a video of the 2nd hottest ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, naked during one of her stints in a hotel room. It is reported that someone who works at ESPN put a peep hole in the room she was staying at. They got footage of Erin walking around her room naked and then, of course, put it on the internet. Now what that person did was highly illegal and immoral and I feel bad for Erin about this. But she rightly took legal action and therefore 1) If I could find the video I would not put it on this blog for fear of legal actions and 2) It is hard to find the video now on the internet now on sites like youtube because, I assume, they also fear legal actions. However, you can still find some clips on google if you want to see some her hot body. So go now and try to see the hotness that is ESPN while you still can!

Needless to say, if you do find the video it is NSFW

Red Sox add some bats

The Red Sox have started off the trading deadline season by acquiring two left-handed power bats. Early in the morning they acquired Adam LaRoche from the Pirates for 2 minor leagures. DME called me and lied through his teeth that David Ortiz was getting shipped to Pitt. I knew he was lying cause Ortiz is better, cant play first base in the NL and makes no senses for the rebuilding Pirates. LaRoche is probably best known for being extremely ADD, causing him to have lapses in the field and leading to his departure from Atlanta. His only attribute is a career .220 isolated power making him a good bench guy. If the Sox feel Mike Lowell is useless, they can move Youkilis back to 3rd base and play LaRoche at first.

News broke that the Sox also traded Julio Lugo and his 4yr/36Mil corpse to the Cardinals for Dave Duncan's little boy Chris. Same deal as LaRoche, Duncan is a left handed power bat(.200 iso) who is a train wreck in the outfield. The two players should add some depth in the Dave Roberts/Willy Mo Pena mold.

New Podcasts!

Yesterday DME, Matt/Journalissimo, and myself debate random baseball nothingness and today The Bright One and I gave our fantasy football advice and debated What Constitutes A Sport. Tomorrow, a podcast with TBO and myself discussing Blackhawks hockey.

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DME's Irrational Hatred of Justin Morneau

On a recent podcast DME, expressed an extreme dislike of Justin Morneau. Now he mainly didn't like him because of where Morneau was rated pre fantasy draft (because god forbid DME thinks of players on how they realistically perform).

First, he made an irrational assumption and thought Morneau mainly went in the second round in fantasy drafs. However, Morneau was not pre-ranked in the top 25 (which means in a 12 team league he's NOT a 2nd rounder). Plus in the four leagues I'm in, he was a top third rounder in three of them and the last pick in the 2nd round in the fourth league. Secondly, we played the name game with players like El Caballo and Manny that he thought Morneau was drafted ahead of. In all four of my leagues Morneau was NOT drafted ahead of ANY of the players DME played the name game with and I'm sure you'd be hard pressed to find any league in which Morneau went ahead of guys DME thought he was drafted ahead of.

Now I can undertand anyone beiong down on him because his numbers, mainly HR numbers, have decreased the past three years, but to have an outright hatred of him is ridiculous. Plus, even if you did draft him in the second round, he would be worth it to you. According to the Yahoo! player rater right now, Morneau is the fourth best performaning player overall, just under Pujols, Fielder, and Carl Crawford.

Right now, Morneau is batting .317 with 23 homers, 84 RBIs and 63 runs. He is also Awesome is real life as well. Not only does he (along with Mauer) put the Twins offense on his back to help them win games but he is 9th out of everybody in wOBA and 8th in OPS. He is also top 5 in the AL in RBIs and HRs and I would guarantee before the season that he would be top 5 in the MLB in RBIs.

DME, are you ready to apologize about Justin Morneau? I'm a White Sox fan and even I greatly respect the dude.

Albert Pujols HR vs Washington Nationals W Update 7/21/09

So no one realistically thinks (or thought) Adam Dunn would hit more HR than Nationals had wins, but it is realistic to think Pujols will hit more dingers than Nationals win games. So I'm gonna do new updates, Pujols HR vs Nats W. And right now Pujols is winning, and it's not really close.

Pujols HR (34) vs Nats w (26)

Franklin Guitierrez For MVP?

I know, considering we're essentially based out of Chicago, that all we talk about and really know a lot about is Chicago sports. Well I'm here to do a post about a Seattle Mariner. I obviously don't really believe Guitierrez will or should be an MVP, but he has been the player so far that very many people haven't heard of. Hell, he didn't get on my radar until yesterday.

Right now, Guitierrez is ranked 11th on fangraphs according to their Dollars (similar to VORP) aheas of guys like Raul Ibanez, Brandon Inge, Kevin Youilis, Carl Crawford, Justin Upton, Justin Morneau and many more. He is the second best fielder behind Cubfans boy Nyjer Morgan.

He's batting .290 with a .355 OBP and a .814 OPS. Obviously he doesn't draw a whole lot of walks and doesn't have the gratest power, but considering that he's an elite defender on top of his above average offensive numbers, makes him a damn fine player for any major league ball club.

And he's been doing really well from a fantasy perspective too. Over the past 30 days he has been the fourth best fantasy player, out of EVERYONE! He batted .381 with 6 homers, 4 SB, 18 R, and 19 RBIs. In fact he's only one of two guys ranked in the top 25th within the past month owned in less than 40% of Yahoo! leagues.

So I just wanna say, much love for the Mariners and Franklin Guirierrez for all he's done so far.

MLB Extra Innings


Amazing game ends 14-13 when Mike Cuddyer thrown out at home plate trying to score from 2nd on a wild pitch. Only problem is that he was safe at the plate and the ump got the call wrong. Nice job ump ruining one of the best games of the entire season. Thanks a million
For the first week of the second half of the major league baseball season, MLB extra innings is giving a free preview allowing all comcast subscribers to watch every out of market game. This is obviously heaven to true baseball fan and all other activities for the week will have to be postponed until the free baseball is disabled.

I bring this up because I am watching one of the craziest games ever. The Twins were leading the A's 12-2 in the 3rd inning. Former White Sox prospect Gio Gonzalez allowed 11 runs in 2.2IP and the game was all but over. Fangraphs win projection had the Twins winning at 98.9% in the 3rd and even 98.5% in the 7th inning. Well Oakland responded with a 7 run 7th behind a Matt Holliday grand slam to tie followed by a Jack Cust homer giving them the lead. Fangraphs has the A's now winning at 75% but given the craziness of this game, who the frick knows.

Holliday has 2 homers and 12 total bases, while Morneau has 2 homers and 7 RBIs in the 3rd inning. Joe Mauer isn't even playing today. Does DME still think Morneau is overrated? How you like them apples?

My Version of Love/Hate for FF, Part II

For rounds seven and below, players really don't go in specific rounds just because so many different people judge the bottom rung players differently. Also, this is the time where you should take some risks because, for the most part, you should have already drafted your main starters and the points rakers for your team:

Players I Think You Should Take A Risk On:
- Devin Hester (WR- Chi). I think at least one receiver on the Bears will get at least 900 yards. I personally think that receiver will be Greg Olson but that's based off of nothing. No reason to think that the non-route runner with no hands can't be that receiver. I personally won't draft him, but at the right round he could be perfect for you

-Plaxico Burress (WR-?). The fact that he's not officially on a team and might get suspended obviously hurts his chances, but you can probably get him in the last round or pick him up in FA after the draft because he's always been dominant when he's on the field.

-Trent Edwards (QB- Buf). The guy could play but just got injured but now he has Lee Evans AND T.O. to throw to and for 3/4 of the year he'll have DUI Marshawn Lynch to hand it off to. Sure he also has Dick Jauron running things but there's no reason to think he can't have a 2006 Jake Delhomme season and just an average player reaping the benefits from good players around him.

-Peyton Hillis (RB- Den). Anyone can run in Denver and when Hillis had his chance, he did extremely well.

-Rashard Mendenhall (RB- Illini, I mean Pit). 1) He's a U of I alum but 2) I've seen him in college and researched his numbers. I think he's a great talent playing second fiddle to a guy who's injury prone. I said it last year and I'll say it this year, Mendenhall will be good.

--All rookie RBs drafted in the first round. I think they'll all be good and by the time you drafted them you should have already had two or three proven running backs anyway.

Players I Have A Crazy Man Crush On:

-Carson Palmer (QB- Cin). When healthy he's always been a beast but he lost his best wide out to FA/ Seattle and Chad Ochocinco is not receiver he used to be. However, numbers don't lie, he's been fantastic when healthy

-Matt Hasselbeck (QB- Sea). See Carson Palmer except he got his best receiver.

-Neil Rackers (K- Ari). He actually kind of sucks but he's a fucking kicker so it doesn't matter and like the fourth U of I alum that will start in the NFL so he gets a shout out.

-The #12 rated TE. The difference between 5-12 TE is very minimal. Wait to get the #12 TE if you don't get the elite guys so you get the same production as the guy who drafted Owen Daniels six rounds earlier yet still able to get more production elsewhere.

Players Who Can Go To Hell And Die:
-Owen Daniels (TE- Hou). See above

-Any K. Seriously, if you don't draft a kicker you can always find one in FA

-And DEF. See above

-Ben Roesthlisberger (QB- Pit). Why I Hate Big Ben. He's like the Bartolo Colon to my Matthew Berry. Except my hatred is rational.

-Derrick Mason (WR- Bal). The guy retired a week or two ago and is still going in like the ninth round in mock leagues. I can guarantee you if you autopilot your real drafts you will get a guy who won't play a down. You would almost be better off drafting Michael Vick. At least then you would get some fantasy points.

-Steve Breaston (WR- Ari). The guy miraculously got over 1000 yards along with Boldin and Fitzgerald. Boldin and Larry will keep it up but he won't. Does anyone still draft Brandon Stockley anymore?

So I gave away some of my secrets without giving too much away I think. I hope this helps and happy drafting everybody!

DeWayne Wise > Brian Anderson?

Today CQ Carlos Quentin came back from the DL today so the White Sox had to send down one of their outfielders. It was between Brian Anderson and DeWayne Wise. And of course the logical choice was to send down Brian Anderson and keep DeWayne Wise on the major league roster!

Right now Wise has a batting average under .200, an on-base under .250, an OPS under .565. He has a .239 wOBA and 1 home run. he has no plate discipline swinging at outside the strike zone almost twice as much as he swings at balls within the strike zone and can barely make contact with balls within the strike zone.

Anderson has a better: BA, OBP, OPS, wOBA, HRs, and XBH. DeWayne Wise, according to fangraphs is worth zero dollars.

Now granted, it's not like Brian Anderson is a huge stud being only worth three cents and is only marginally better than Wise, but still, if a gun was put to my head and I had to choose one, I would of course choose Anderson.

According to ESPN 1000 WMVP, Anderson was sent down because Wise is out of options and he can't really get sent down. FUCK DEWAYNE WISE! WHO THE FUCK CARES IF HE'S OUT OF OPTIONS, HE'S REALLY BAD AT BASEBALL. And as the radio says, you can always re-sign him because NO OTHER TEAM WILL PICK UP DEWAYNE WISE! And if you really wanted Wise, which you shouldn't, you can always re-sign him. Sometimes, and by that I mean often, this management is fucking retarded. Hey, at least he did trade away Mark DeRosa only to end up back in my division right!

What Consistutes A Sport?

This has been a question passed on through the ages. I was listening to the Carmen, Yurko, and Harry discuss this today because 59 year old Tom Watson almost won the British Open, so if a guy that old almost won a major golf event, is gol really a sport? Well, I am here to help answer that question. If something is to be considered a sport, it must fulfill all three of these qualifications:

1) It must be a skilled activity

This is of course very broad. A lot of things are skilled activity like poker, chess, and lumberjack rolling. However, this is the simplest base to set up the other two qualifications. This is also the qualification ESPN uses to show ANYTHING at 2 am

"Sports" Now Excluded


2) The activity must require athletic ability that limits regular people from doing it

Now what specifically constitutes "athletic ability" is purposefully vague. I do this on purpose because there are certain activities like baseball and golf that many people may not require the physical effort like soccer or basketball, but certainly requires a great deal of physical strength. Even big fat Bartolo Colon and Sidney Ponson have to have a certain degree (albeit very small) of athletic ability to be able to throw a baseball as hard as they do. It also takes a lot of strength to hit a golf ball as hard as people like Tiger Woods hit it. There's a reason the vast majority of people on the PGA tour are in very good shape.

The "limits regular people from doing it" can also be translated very loosely but I will explain what I mean. First, I mean from doing it professionally. I could probably spend a little bit of time if I wanted to learning how to play Texas Hold 'Em or chess. But I can't really teach myself how to throw an 80+ mph fastball and locate it. I also can't go out and teach myself how to jump a ramp on my bike or hit a golf ball 250 yards. These are athletic abilities that requires years of training just to become average.

This line is also meant to include age as an factor. As you grow older, obviously your body starts deteriorating. This means that you should lose your athleticism as you grow older. Even 40+ year old pitcher aren't the same as they were when they were 20. So when a 59 year old man goes out and almost wins a "sport" and remains competitive, that means that the activity is not excluding "regular people from doing it"

"Sports" Now Excluded:

-Poker (of any sort)
-Table Tennis
-Car Racing
-Jew Frolf

Now for the final and most important point

3) You must be able to affect your opponents play during the activity

This means every single sport that is judged, is out. This also excludes a lot of Olympic games and a lot of physical activities that many people thought were sports. If you disagreed with my point of contention about golf in the last point, there's no disagreeing with this point. If you can not affect how your opponent plays their activity and your opponent is allowed to do their activity whatever it is they'd like to, then this activity absolutely, positively, is not a sport.

"Sports" Now Excluded
-Synchronized Swimming
-Any swimming
-Track and Field
-Irish Dancing (sorry Colleen)
-Any dancing
-Anything in the X-Games

So now you may ask, "since you've essentially excluded everything in the Olympics, what is a sport?" Well here's the official list of everything that is a sport:
-Field Hockey
-Softball (barely)
-Jai Alai
-MMA or any other combat

Now don't get me wrong, just because something isn't technically a sport does not mean it's not hard and just because someone does something isn't a sport doesn't mean it's players aren't athletes. It just means it's not "technically" a sport. We may colloquially say those activities are sports, but they are really not.

So I don't care if you disagree with me on this, you're wrong.

My Version Of Love/Hate For FF, Part I

I'm at work right now and looking at all of my mock drafts and it got me a little wet thinking about the upcoming football season. I originally wrote my own Love/Hate version of players I like and don't like, because like now I was bored at work, but then I realized I gave away WAY too many secrets about my football draft and the players I am targeting. And considering I'll be playing in a league in which most, if not everybody, will be reading my fantasy football posts before I draft, I realize it might not be the best thing in the world to announce all the players I like. However, I am a nice guy so I will do something similar, I'll pick one guy I like for their value per round

Now realize that once you get to round 7, this even happens at earlier rounds like 5th, the draft position for each individual players varies drastically. For example, one league had Cocthery and A-Gon has 6th round picks and another had them as 8th and 9th round selections, respectively (You'll see this reference at the end of this post). So when I say I like or don't like someone in a particular round 1) that doesn't mean I like or don't like them in general, it just means I like/hate their VALUE and 2) that doesn't mean they will go that position in your draft, it just means I have seen that position in one of my drafts and if I PERSONALLY see it, that means, you are very likely to see it as well. So anyways, on with my post...

Round One:

Crazy Man Love To: Michael Turner (RB- Atl). I agree with Matthew Berry on this and think he'll be the best RB next year, and especially better than Adrian Peterson (AP). I personally think AP is the better real life back, but his performance won't really translate into fantasy as much as people would like or hope for. I also think there will be second and late first round picks that will be better than AP. But anyway, Turner was the 2nd best RB last year and I think he'll be #1 next year. Now Tuner is going two in most mock and real drafts so obviously people like him, but I think if you have the #1 overall pick, you need to go with The Burner.

NOTE: Let's be honest, essentially everyone you pick in the first round will be solid and worth owning for you. I think all fantasy drafts are won in the later rounds anyway so even if you autopick or pick a TE in the first round, that player WILL help your team. But if you want VALUE, then you need to not look at the player rater on the side to help you draft.

You Can Burn In Hell: Matt Forte (RB- Chi). History has told me not to trust overworked rookies. Now as a Bears fan I love Forte, but as a fantasy owner I don't like him. He's going as the 4th best back overall and I just don't see that happening- mainly because I think he'll get injured. I think he will be good in the games he plays, I just don't trust he plays in a lot of games. Plus his O-line sucks. On a similar note, I don't like Steven Jackson either who only started 11 games last year. You want stellar consistent play out of your first round pick and I don't see you getting that from either of these RBs

Round Two:

Crazy Man Love To: Tom Brady (QB- NE). Now normally, me persoanlly, I don't draft QB before the 6th round, but that doesn't mean no QBs warrant first round drafting. Normally, that space is reserved for Peyton Manning but this year it should go to Brady. I think, on paper, New England has a better offense than they did when they went 16-0 after getting Fred Taylor and Joey Galloway in the off season. Now I can guarantee Bill Bellichick won't be as pass-crazy and dick-ish as he was in 07, but I think Brady will still put first round numbers

You Can Burn In Hell: Marion Barber (RB- Dal). I think he's a physical rusher who can push his way for extra yards, even when there's nothing there. Wait, scratch that, he WAS a physical rusher who blah blah blah. He now has Felix Jones breathing down his neck and even when Jones went down midway through the year, Barber did not step up his game and be the touchdown vulture that he once was when he had Julius Jones starting ahead of him. Maybe Barber isn't really a starter or maybe his physical rushing style forced him to suck sooner than he's like, but either way, I think you can get much better value at the RB position elsewhere in the draft

Round Three:

Crazy Man Love For: Roddy White (WR- Atl). For the most part, everyone I've seen drafted in the third round deserves to be there but I thought I'd give some love to White because I bet not many people have heard of him. But he's put back to back 1000 yard season together and he's a got a great young talent throwing to him who's only gonna get better, which make White better.

You Can Burn In Hell: Ryan Grant (RB- GB).
Partially because being a Bears fan, I hate anything Green Bay and because partially he had to get 30+ carries in order to barely gain 100+ yards against Indy last year (who had the worst rushing defense at the time GB played them). I think people are drafting him because of the second half he had in 07 and I just don't think he'll be that good. I think there's a reason the New York Giants, who had Brandon Jacobs, Derrick Ward, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Reuben Droughs, traded away Grant and not the other four (Jesus fuck Christ, why couldn't the Bears be THAT deep. Fuck Garrett Wolfe...)

Round Four:

Crazy Man Love For: Pierre Thomas (RB- NO). 1) He's a U of I alum and their gonna get love any way they can 2) I hate Reggie Bush so much that anyone who is proven better than him gets a huge nod in my book 3) I've seen him go as high as the 2nd round in some mock drafts so he's a steal in the 4th

You Can Burn In Hell: Run DMC Darren Mcfadden (RB- Oak). Again, even this deep, I still think there's better value if you know where to look. Plus, his team, the Oakland Raiders, is run by THE WORST owner is all sports. I think they're gonna be down a lot forcing the Raiders to pass more and I think that entire team sucks anyway and you want no part of any offense player besides their kicker. Serioiusly.

Round Five:

Crazy Man Love For: Antonio Gates (TE- SD). He's been one of the most consistent TE year after year after year after year after year, well you get the idea. I think he's QB Phillip Rivers has turned a corner and I think he'll be the best TE as always.

You Can Burn In Hell: Reggie Bush (RB- NO). Besides TEs, there's actually a shit ton of guys who are pretty bad and are going in the fifth round (Chad Ochocicno, Roy E Williams), but because I hate Reggie Bush SO FUCKING MUCH just because ESPN hyped him up to be the next Jim Brown when in reality he's the next A-Train. Plus he's not good at football and will lose more playing time to the undrafted U of I alum- Pierre Thomas

Round Six:

Crazy Man Love For: Anthony Gonzalez (WR- Indy). I've seen him fall as far as the ninth round so obviously if you think you can get Gonzalez later do it and don't rush to get him in the 6th; however, you will benefot as well if you draft him this high as well. He has Peyton Manning throwing to him, Reggie Wayne opposite of him to take pressure off of him, and no Marvin Harrison to steal his throws. He has great DVOA and DYAR numbers and I think he's gonna get thrown to more, so I expect big things from A-Gon (move over Adrian)

You Can Burn In Hell: Jerricho Cotchery (WR- NYJ).
You know depending on how stupid your league was in drafting way too many WR early, Cotchery might actually be a useful pick and a nice #2 or back up, but I still think he belongs in the 8th or ninth round. In one mock draft I was in, Cotchery actually went a round ahead of Anthony Gonzalez. Don't get me wrong I think he can still play (Hernandez, don't get TOO upset over this) but anything above the 8th round for him is ridiculous

Part II for rounds 7-16 to come later.

Adam Dunn Home Runs vs. Washington Nationals Wins Update 7/20/09

Adam Dunn homers in a Nats loss closing the gap

Dunn HR (25) v Nats W (26)

In a more serious bet (because I think the Nats are gonna win over 45 games), Pujols HR vs Nats W. Because if the Nats lose 100 games (which they probably will), that means they only win 62 games and Pujols may hit above 63 homers. Put it on the board?

Speed Demon

Rajai Davis has ridiculous speed. He scored from first on a failed pickoff.

Kemp Watch

Today, Matt Kemp went 3-for-3 today with a walk, a home run, a stolen base and 4 runs scored. He's still batting in the bottom third of the Dodgers lineup.

At least Joe Torre bats him ahead of Brad Ausmus.

We're number 1

Michael Jordan has some excited fans

Sim Baseball

I found a baseball simulator, through twitter of all places, and it allows you to simulate baseball games between any two teams in the history of baseball. I decided to run a couple simulations and see what happens.

'03 Cubs vs '98 Cubs showed the '03 cubs winning mainly due to the starting pitching.

'04 Sox vs '05 Sox
showed the '04 squad winning thanks to 3 home runs proving the Lee for Pods trade was retarded. Well maybe not proving. Buehrle pitched for both teams to make it fair.

'1908 Cubs vs '05 Sox showed the Cubbies destroying the Sox 10-4 thanks to a complete game from 3 Finger Brown and 5 stolen bases. Yeah, small ball!

Of course these are just single game simulations and you would have to run thousands of games to determine which is the better team, but this is still fun nonetheless.

Manny Being Tranny

I like the script clubs: NSFW

Video of the infamous strip club incident involving Pacman Jones surfaced today on ESPN where 3 men were shot and one left paralyzed after a night of making it rain. Jones missed an NFL season and will get off in the court system. The video is amazing and will be a topic of interest in my next podcast with Richard. I can't believe Pacman had 100,000 on him and was able to exchange it all for singles. I believe it happened, I just dont understand how. Pacman is not that rich. Even if he is worth 10 million, how can he blow through that much money in one night. All for some half naked dances. Imagine how many strippers he could get for 100K, but apparently making it rain in a ritzy club give you far more street cred. Also disappointed to see Nelly there. This is not what I expected from a guy who raps about dope, clubs, and air force ones.

Sportsnation: Does not suck

ESPN came out with its newest game show/reality show/talking heads show call it what you want, well actually its called Sportsnation. It's a show that focuses on sports related polls that real people from around the world can vote on and participate. Besides polls, they accept phone calls, emails, and real-time tweets, from all of you losers who do that kinda stuff. Frick I do that kind of stuff. The format is just like all the other ESPN shows, with a scroll of topics on the bottom so the simplest of minds and keep up with the show.

The show is hosted by the immortal, actually most people never heard of him, Colin Cowherd. Colin has risen up the radio talk show ladder and eventually made it to syndication on ESPN radio. I have never listened to his show on any regular basis, and I have listened to some serious crap in my day. To me, it always seemed like all he did was scream into the microphone and I tend to not appreciate being screamed at. His co-host is a spunky little blond names Michelle Beadle. Although her face looks familiar to me, I cant say that I have seen her work before. But she is really impressive and fun to watch. Instead of having another sports dude opposite of Colin, they chose a spunky blond with a tomboy personality as the ego to Colin's id. And if you ask me, she is far more attractive than Rachel Nichols and far more interesting then Erin Andrews.

The only complain I have about the show is does it really need to be an hour long? An hour is a really long time, especially 5 days a week on a sports network? I hope that it is only an hour for the first few weeks and then it can transition into a regular half hour role. Maybe it can just replace the pile of crap that is Around The Horn

The Slutter

Fangraphs.com did an analysis on the success of Cubs rookie starter Randy Wells. Although Randy is a touch old for a top prospect at 26 year of age, he was actually a catcher in the minors until 2005 at which time he was converted to a pitcher. Considering he has only been pitching for 3 years, it is actually shocking he made it to the big leagues so quickly. Imagine if the 2 Indian brothers signed by the Pirates made it to the bigs in 3 years, that would be absurd.

But here's the biggest kicker. Wells' slider has ranked the 3rd best slider in all of baseball among win shares behind Greinke and Dempster. However, his slider tends to cut as opposed to sink down and away like most other sliders. Hence, the guys at fangraphs gave the pitch a brand new name that I will hold near and dear to my heart forever. It's a combo of the slider and cutter - The Slutter. In the words of Hawk Harrelson, YES!

Urban Dictionary defines slutter as drunk muttering, but I will add the new definition shorty!

Another Complaint of Home Run Derby

Besides not having the best home run hitters in the home run derby, I have a second complaint about the home run derby. Well, actually, this was proposed by my mom so big ups to her. We were watching some of the highlights of the derby and she asked why the players dont just use a pitching machine to hit off?

This is actually a good point for numerous reasons. First, it would make the derby go by in less than 3 arduous hours. Second, the batter would actually get the pitch he wants to hit, allowing him to destroy it 600 feet. It seems like every batter has a different guy pitching to him. All of them have different arm angles, different release points, different movement, sink, tail, drop, speed, everything you can think off. Sometimes I feel like these pitchers are trying to screw the batter by having a funky delivery, hiding the ball, short-arming it, or the absolute worse throwing a sinker. I remember Sammy Sosa in the derby in the new SafeCo Field. He only managed one or two homers because the pitcher was short-arming the ball and putting massive, late breaking sink on the ball such that Sammy couldn't elevate the ball if his secret steroid stash was depending on it. I thought I was watching Webb, Lowe, Cook, and Carmona all roled into one super-sinker that day. We need the 80 year old throwing to Josh Hamilton last year throwing to everyone, every year.

If we are using the pitching machine, why not crank that baby up to 110MPH and see players try to hit that from 60 feet 6 inches? That would add some humor following the actually derby. If we're getting way out there, we could also add an aluminum bat home run derby. I an dying to know how far Prince Fielder can hit a baseball with metal. Over/Under 600 feet?

Sexy Rexy's Drafting Tips: Football Edition

1) DO RESEARCH! This may seem obvious, but you'd be surprised on how little this is actually done. A lot of people will draft by name value alone and they haven't really seen how exactly players will turn out. The biggest example of this that I can remember was everyone who drafted LT first last year. LT had the name but it was pretty clear AP would have had the better season, but if you had the #1 pick, you probably went with LT, and was hurt by it. I would also recommend looking up DVOA/DYAR statistics and offensive line statistics on footballoutsiders.com. I have talked about and essentially proven, for the most part, a RB is good because of his O-line, and not necessarily good because of his own talent. I have also essentially proven it's really hard for a QB to put on good stats without a at least one good receiver, so take that into account (i.e. all you Chi-town fans wanting to draft Jay Cutler). But just make sure you're evaluating players based off of numbers and not their name

2) Mock Draft. Now that you know which players who like or dislike, it's extremely helpful to see where other people are evaluating other players. This will not only make you more comfortable when you do finally sit down and draft, but it would also allow you to time to plan a coherent drafting strategy so you can take all the player YOU want to.

3) Realize the importance of RBs. Most leagues will allow you two RB spots and a RB/WR spot. I personally am a big fan of always playing a RB in that RB/WR spot and I'm a big fan of drafting RBs early. Now a man like J.A. Adande will tell you that you can get really good RBs in later rounds (and it's worked out well for him) so you don't need to necessarily draft them early, but realize that it's very hard to win a FF league without having really good RBs. The reason for this is because RB are essentially guaranteed to touch the ball. This essentially guarantees them yardage every game and for the most part they get TDs as well. In fact, on average, a RB will get more TD opportunities and more TDs than a WR. In fact, if I had my choice between an elite wide out and an elite RB (same with just average RB and receivers), I'd take the running back every time. WR are not guaranteed to even get thrown to, nevertheless gain a lot of yards and a QB who puts up great real stats does not really translate into fantasy value a whole lot. Just trust me, if you will go far if you have the RBs as the cornerstone on your league

4) Realize the importance of TDs. In standard leagues, TD are worth much more than yards. If you actively seek players who will get TD opportunities over pure yard guys, you will gain more points in your league. Now obviously yard guys can be extremely valuable and even I will draft them, but go for TDs first.

5) Look at bye weeks. This I think is an underrated philosophy. Your stud players are guaranteed to miss at least one week and you don't want your back ups to miss the same week as well. I also don't recommend drafting your pair of RB or your pair of WR that have the same bye week. If you have two elite backs, then you are guaranteed to lose them for one week and you don't want to lose one week because of this. Trust me, if you're smart you can still get great players who have different bye weeks.

6) Look at League Scoring. I don't think you'll have as much of a problem with this as you would in fantasy baseball, but just take note of it. I was in a FF league last year that put extreme emphasis of QB production. I of course didn't realize this and drafted a shittier QB, because in a normal league, I would have been fine. I obviously lost that league. Just look real quick.

Actual Drafting Strategy:

7) DRAFT YOUR KICKER AND DEFENSE IN THE LAST TWO ROUNDS! I don't know how many times I've seen amateurs waste draft picks by not doing this. Not only will these positions be plentiful during your free agency pool and there will probably be one in FA better than the one you drafted, but in the scheme of things, they will not generate as much points for you as other positions will, for the most part.

8) Only draft one K and one DEF.
I know this sort of contradicts my point 5 because these positions will obviously have a bye week as well, but because you can always find quality in the FA pool and because these positions won't generate as much points for you as the other offensive players will, you don't need depth at these positions throughout the course of a season.

9) Don't be lured by the QBs.
If you draft Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, or Tom Brady in the first or second round, you probably won't be disappointed because I'm sure they will put up dominant numbers, but you can win easily and assuredly by getting QB value later. I personally will draft three dominant RBs, a dominant WR, and a dominant TE before I even think about getting a QB. I think RBs and WRs are the cornerstone of any team, and if you can get quality production out of these positions, any decent QB play will help you. Plus, you will be surprised at the amount of quality QB that will be in your FA pool. QBs are always getting hurt or demoted and you'd be surprised how many quality back ups there are in this league. I was able to win my league last year picking up guys like Matt Cassel and Tyler Thigpen. I also think there will more more quality QB in the free agency pool that WRs, RBs, and TEs.

10) Overpay for a good TE.
The tight ends depth isalways extremely shallow and in reality, most TE don't get thrown to a lot or put up good fantasy numbers. That is why I suggest you do what you can to get an elite TE. Last year Owen Daniels was a great TE, but if you looked at his numbers, they were far from good, he was just better than everyone else. Now if for some reason you miss out on the elite, wait multiple multiple rounds because the difference between the #5 TE and the #12 is probably not far off. Also, look to see who the TE's quarterback is. I don't care what the TE has done in the past, if his QB sucks, he will suck.

11) Draft your stud RBs back up. In the past, if you drafted LT first, you should have also drafted Michael Turner. This is insurance on your best player. That way if your #1 pick goes down, you essentially have a guy who can give you constant production. Don't risk another player picking up your back up or searching the FA pool to replace your stud. And chances are, if a RB is good, the offensive line is really good, and thus that back up will also probably be pretty good as well. Now be weary you might have to overpay for this luxury (i.e. if you drafted DeAngelo Williams first, Jonathan Stewart will go much much earlier than Matt Forte's back up Kevin Jones), but trust me, it will be worth it. And if you don't have two or more K or DEF (and you shouldn't), you should be able to have plenty of room on your bench for the back up.

12) Risk when appropriate.
In the later rounds, take a risk on some back ups you think will be good. At that point in your draft, I don't think you'll have many options anyway. But in the first two rounds or so, don't risk at all. Take guys you essentially know WILL perform. The best example I can think of right now is Stephen Jackson. On many mock boards, I've seen him go in the first round, even over guys like Steve Slaton and Chris Johson. Jackson, when he plays, is awesome. But last year he only played in two games. I wouldn't risk a high first round pick on him. Another guy is Matt Forte. In most drafts he's going 4th overall, and as much as I personally love the guy, I don't know how if I would risk that high of a pick on a guy who was so overworked last year as a rookie that he'll probably be injured this year.

13) Speaking of rookies, don't overpay for them. Yes, where ever you drafted AP two years ago worked out extremely well for you, but for the most part, rookie's overall numbers aren't that good. Even the best rookie's average the same fantasy points as their mediocre veteran counterpart. Sure Calvin Johnson did wonders last year, but only put up mediocre numbers his rookie year. There are way more Calvin Johnson examples in FF than AP examples.

14) Be willing to change your draft strategy. Not only should you have back up target players in case the players you were targeting get taken, but be willing to adjust based on what everyone in the league is drafting

Post Draft Day:
15) Always look to get better. As in all fantasy leagues, it never hurts to make trades or pick guys in FA to add to your team. And always think of players by production numbers, not by name value. Name value can help you make trades but don't be afraid to lose a "big name player" you have if they're not or will not perform

16) Look for match ups each week.
If you have the best RB in the game, don't bench him just because he's playing the best rushing defense in the league, but always be weary of the match ups each week. Pick up FA guys if they're playing a weak team and bench and start guys the same way. There's a line line between managing and over thinking and I can't tell you where that line is because I over think all the time, but just be weary that that line exists.

17) Don't put too much stock in first quarter of half numbers. Match ups are really hard the first 2-8 weeks of the season because the small sample size the statistics almost makes the stats worthless. But as the season rolls on, then you can look into them more and more. On a similar note, don't necessarily pick up a player because they had an awesome first or second week. My DeSean Jackson and Eddie Royal pick ups were better trade bait than fantasy players.

18) Always have fun. I know this is an overused cliche, but realize it's just fantasy football and nothing more. You can care how your team does, but just realize, this for what it is and have fun.

Useful strategies for first time league commissioners:

-Set the playoffs for weeks 14 and 15 and set the final championship game in week 16. Do not do it for week 17 because real life players and coaches don't care about the 17th week because most teams are resting for the playoffs and most teams bench their starters and that will make the championship game pretty dumb.
-Normal scoring points:
QB: 1 pt for every 25 yards, 6 pts for TD, -2 for INT, 2 pts for every 2 pt conversion
RB/WR/TE: 1 pt for every ten yards, 6 pts for every TD, 2 pt for every 2 pt conversion (can do -2 for fumbles if you want)
K: 1 pt for every XPt, 3 pts for every FG
DEF: use websites standards for INT, TD, sacks, fumbles, and opponent yards
-Invite at least 11 more people. Ten team mixed leagues normally aren't fun because everyone has good players and essentially everyone makes it to the playoffs anyway. 12 team leagues usually allow for a nice balance of competitiveness with good available free agents but not too much to make every team good.

Welcome To Your Fantasy Football Home!

It has come to my attention that people are preparing for the fantasy football season already and I feel naked because I have not prepared for it. But soon I will do my legitimate research (and not actually pay for it this time) and will give all two of you loyal followers my full fantasy advice to prepare you for the fantasy football and season ahead. But for now, unfortunately I can not give my full advice on every individual player (however, I will work on that ASAP for all you fantasy nuts out there!), but right now, I certainly believe that I can give some insight. So I will write a series of fantasy football post and maybe do some podcasting to help you out (and I promise you, I'm much much better at fantasy football than I am on fantasy baseball). I have already written a series of posts while I was supposed to be working and I will edit them and post them within the day or so, so look out! Again, once I do my homework I will be able to give better insight and knowledge, but based off of me actually watching NFL games last year and following offseason moves, I feel I can still be very helpful in the meantime.

So if you have any questions about fantasy football, please feel free to send them to gameofinchesblog@gmail.com or write them in the comments.

Also, I just created my annual fantasy football league (which I won last year BTW) and I have sent invites to all those in Fantasyland2 and those who were in my league last year so feel free to sign up. And if you would like to join the awesome league in which you will be destroyed, send us an email.

One more complaints of home run derby

My first complaint is that Adam Dunn has never participated in the Home Run Derby. 1 of 5 players in baseball with 40 homer power has never participated in the event perfectly designed for him? It's not because he is afraid to screw up his swing, ha thats funny, or would prefer to party really hard like Tim Lincecum making him too dizzy. It's because he has only been to the all-star game one time in his career(2002) and MLB has a silly little rule that states you can only be in the HR derby if you made the AS team. How stupid can baseball be!? All-Star weekend is designed to showcase baseballs best talent. Then why not have the best homer hitters in the derby, regardless if they are good enough to make the all star team.

What if we got rid of Inge and Mauer and inserted Dunn and Branyan? Yes, I agree, that would be a million times better, but baseball is just too stupid to do tiny things that would go a long way with the casual baseball fan. Even the NBA is smart enough to get high flyers in the slam dunk contest regarless if they made the AS team. Nate Robinson will never be an AS, but he can put on quite a show. If the NBA has the same rule, we would have never seen Robinson, J-Rich, Josh Smith or tiny Spud Webb. Baseball needs to enter the 21st century and maybe think outside the lines. But having a guy like Bud Selig running your organization will keep you in the stone age.

The All African-American All-Star Team

In advance, I apologize to all those who read this post. It was not written with any intention of being offensive, so if it in any way comes out as such, let me just say that I am sorry now. That said, lets move on to the post...

For almost two years now, there has been a single question that the writers of the blog have floated around: are there very many (active) African American baseball players in the major leagues? A few years back, there was a PTI segment dedicated to the topic and Michael Wilbon concluded that there are so few African Americans in baseball because they are much to busy making millions in the NBA and NFL.

Is it true that there are "no" African American baseball players? Of course not; there are many great active black baseball players in the majors and minors, but the ratio of African American athletes in baseball to Basketball or Football is quite small. According to 2008 data collected by ESPN "among major leaguers...just 8.2 percent were black players, down from 8.4 percent in 2006 and the lowest level in at least two decades."

Since that segment, we have periodically tried to piece an all-black baseball team comprised of 100% black players. This means that players like Grady Sizemore and Derek Jeter do not technically qualify for the team. In fact, neither would Russell Martin if it were not for the fact that he is the only half-or-more black catcher in baseball since 2005 (Charles Johnson). For him, we make an exception (despite all the contempt that I continue to hold for his vastly overrated production). We denoted players like Jose Contreras and Kung Fu Panda (Pablo Sandoval) as hispanic, although that classification may be incorrect. Again, apologies for any and all misconceptions.

In compiling this list, the one thing that struck me most was the sheer volume of black MLB players who were outfielders. Almost all of the guys who didn't make the cut for the 25 man roster were outfielders (like Gary Matthews Jr.) or ex-outfielders (like Gary Sheffield). So many, in fact, that guys like Curtis Granderson, Torii Hunter and Jermaine Dye got completely left off the roster.

Anywho, below is a 25 man roster comprised of the best active African American baseball players. Outside of the bullpen, it's a championship-material team.

1-C-Russell Martin
2-1B-Prince Fielder
3-2B-Brandon Phillips
4-SS-Jimmy Rollins
5-3B-Chone Figgins
6-LF-Justin Upton
7-CF-Carl Crawford
8-RF-Matt Kemp
9-DH-Ryan Howard
10-OF-B.J. Upton
11-OF-Adam Jones
12-CI-Derrek Lee
13-MI-Orlando Hudson
14-MI-Rickie Weeks
15-SP-C.C. Sabathia
16-SP-Edwin Jackson
17-SP-David Price
18-SP-Ian Snell
19-SP-Dontrelle Willis
21-CL-LaTroy Hawkins
22-RP-Darren Oliver
23-RP-Tom Gordon
24-RP-Joel Zumaya
25-RP-Corey Wade

The team would be managed by Willie Randolph, but Dusty Baker would be Interm Manager if Willie Randolf was fired.

Active players who didn't make the cut who come to mind:
Andrew McCutchen, Torii Hunter, Curtis Granderson, Jermaine Dye, Milton Bradley, Vernon Wells, Jerry Hairston Jr., Juan Pierre, Eric Young Jr., Elijah Dukes, The Patterson Brother, Marcus Thames, Nyger Morgan, Arthur Rhodes, Bobby Scales, Jerry Owens, Cameron Maybin, Bill Hall, Mike Cameron, Fred Lewis, Emmanuel Burris, Dexter Fowler, Gary Matthews Jr., Joey Gathright, Rajai Davis

Guys who do not qualify for the list because they were forced into retirement:
Frank Thomas (old, ineffective), Kenny Lofton (old, still effective), Ray Durham (old, still effective), Jacques Jones (not exactly old, but he's always sucked), Shawn Chacon (choke-slammed a GM)