A 12 year deal!

I was reading in the Sports section how the Blackhawks signed four time All-star winger Marian Hossa to a 12 year deal worth 62.8 million dollar contract. I don't follow hockey at all so "The Bright One" will have to shed more light on this deal, but I was shocked any team would sign a player to a 12 year deal! Hossa is 30 years old and will be 42 when the contract ends. He is great now, but you never know how he will be in a few years, especially 12 years. Look at the Cubs giving Soriano a 8 year deal. A 62.8 million dollar contract isn't that big in some sports, but for Hockey that seems big. Is anyone else shocked by a 12 years contract?


The 'Bright' One said...

easy, you could either sign hossa for 5 years and 38 million or 12 years and 62 millions. Based on the salary cap structure of the NHL, it is better for the team to go with the long contract as they are paying 5.2 million per year or 7.5 million. Hossa got paid 7.5 million for one season in detroit, but took the yearly pay cut for the long term security. The wings have done the same thing with stars Zetterberg and Frandzen, while the islanders gave a 15 year deal to rick depietro. Hossa was actually offered 10yr/40M deal but went with the Hawks for 5.2M per year. Marian Gaborick, who is basically equivalent to Hossa in talent, and from the same country, got a 5yr/60M contract for reference.

This is kinda what has happened in baseball where teams are giving out super long deals at 3-5 million per year. Like Braun, Longoria, Tulowitski