Sexy Rexy News Scroll

If ESPN can have their shitty scroll on the bottom of their screen that claims "Garciapara plays first game back at Fenway since being traded" and "Santana looks to stop Yankees winning streak at 8 PM ET" are top headline news, then I can have my own "newsworthy" scroll-esque comments. Also, I hope to do in depth analysis and posts on these topics as well.

-RIP Steve McNair. Hall of Famer?

-Fans retarded again and vote in guys like Josh Hamilton and Ichiro into the All-Star game.

-Adam Dunn, Ian Kinsler, Russell Branyan, and Carlos Pena (even though his own fucking manager is the manager of the All-Star game) most notables left out of All-Star game

-Jason Marquis is a fucking all star

-Marh Buerhle lone ChiSox representative in the All-Star game. Does he deserve to go over Matt Thorton?

-Roger Federer wins in amazing fashion over shitty overrated Andy Roddick to become greatest male tennis player. How can TBO be in the minority and say Federer is better than Nadal?

-Terrell Owens has a new reality show on VH1 starting in two weeks. I'm extremely excited.