Baseball Board Bets (2012)

Adam Kaplan v. Jeffrey Gross

1) Will Ian Kinsler be a top 24 player?

Adam: No
Jeffrey: Yes

Winner: Adam

Ian Kinsler was the 72nd ranked player in fantasy.

Cubsfan4evr v. TBO

1) Who will be the better catcher in 2012: Joe Mauer or Buster Posey?
TBO: Joe Mauer
Cubsfan4evr: Buster Posey

Winner: Cubsfan4evr

Buster Posey was ranked 28th and Joe Mauer was ranked 74th.

2) Which catcher will hit more home runs in 2012: Geovany Soto or Buster Posey?
TBO: Geovany Soto
Cubsfan4evr: Buster Posey

Winner: Cubsfan4evr

Buster Posey hit 24 homeruns and Soto hit 11 home runs.

3) Which shortstop will hit more home runs in 2012: JJ Hardey or Hanley Ramirez?
TBO: JJ Hardey
Cubsfan4evr: Hanley Ramirez

Winner: Cubsfan4evr

Hanley Ramirex had 24 homeruns and JJ Hardey had 22 homeruns. It was very close.

Overall Winner: Cubsfan4evr (3-0) 

*All bets use standard Yahoo! 5x5 scoring unless otherwise noted
** All bets are for the 2012 MLB/fantasy season unless otherwise noted