GOI Turned 3 In December!

My first semester of my third year of law school was quite intense. Intense enough that I did not realize that GOI's three year anniversary came-and-went in December.

In case you were curious, the GOI authors have continued to prosper despite a major slow down in GOI production in 2011. In the last year, I made new connections in the baseball world. I made a few guest appearances on the Fantasy Phenoms podcast, and I was even on ESPN Radio. I recently started a blog titled saBEERmetrics that follows my recent exploits in to the world of being a beer snob. I only won one fantasy title between several leagues this year, but I at least beat out the GOI authors in each of them, which is all that matters. Heck, I even beat them in fantasy football #notsohumblebrag. Each of the GOI authors are also doing well in Law/Med School. Wish us jobs.

As has been the tradition the past two years, I like to celebrate our anniversary by making the Hall of Fame case for an underrated player. This year I chose Larry Walker.

Thank you for your continued support. Enjoy the remaining top 10 of our top 25 movies of the past 25 years series. (You can see all of our movie selections so far here)

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