Who Deserves To Be An All-Star: 2011 MLB, Part I

This post is dedicated to who I think should the starters for both the AL and NL.

But before I begin, I would just like to go off an a quick rant about my boy Paul Konerko. Currently he has a triple slash line of .319/.390/.569 good for a .959 OPS and a .407 wOBA and a 2.3 WAR. He has the 3rd best wOBA among AL first basemen, the second best ISO among AL first basemen and the second most home runs among first basemen. I understand AL first base is deep with A-Gon, Miggy, and Tex doing amazing, but leaving Paulie off is just ridiculous. I would personally take Paulie over David Ortiz and especially Josh Hamilton. I would even take Paulie over the lone White Sox representative- Carlos Quentin.

Also, fuck Derek Jeter. He fucking blows this year and is done. Let him get six more hits and then let him retire.

Here are the AL starters:

C- Alex Avila (DET)
1B- Adrian Gonzalez (BOS)
2B- Dustin Pedroia (BOS)
SS- Jhonny Peralta (DET)
3B- Alex Rodriguez (NYY)
RF- Jose Bautista (TOR)
CF- Curtis Granderson (NYY)
LF- Alex Gordon (KAN)
DH- David Ortiz (BOS)

The voters really didn't do a half bad job this year. Sure Jeter blows and Josh Hamilton only has five hme runs and has missed half the season, but kudos to the voters for getting Bautista and Avila correct.

NL Starters

C- Brian McCann (ATL)
1B- Joey Votto (CIN)
2B- Rickie Weeks (MIL)
SS- Jose Reyes (NYM)
3B- Chase Headley (SDP)
RF- Justin Upton (ARI)
CF- Andrew McCutchen (PIT)
LF- Ryan Braun (MIL)
DH- Matt Kemp (LAD)

I give the edge to Votto over Fielder because Votto's a much better defender and has a better WAR. Headley leads all NL 3B in wOBA and WAR but overall an extremely weak NL 3B class.

Coming Up Next: AL and NL Pitchers