Sexy Rexy Is Dead

I am saddened to report that Sexy Rexy has been found in a ditch someone of the Edens last night...

OK, so I have not died and while this joke didn't work when The 'Bright' One and I did it on a earlier podcast when we said that I (Sexy Rexy) moved to Houston after Grossman left Chicago to become Matt Schaub's back up and it did not work now.

However, I am retiring the pseudonym "Sexy Rexy". As you may have noticed when you look at who write this post, it said "Adam Kaplan" and not "Sexy Rexy". That is because that is my God-given name and that is the name I would prefer to be called by from now on.

When the four of us started this blog a few years back, we did it in the wake of the Fire Joe Morgan blog shutting down. All four of us were huge fans of FJM and we wanted to model this blog after it. Since the FJM guys had pseudonyms, we decided we wanted to have them as well. However, there are two key differences between FJM and GOI (yes, two and only two): the authors of FJM actually had Hollywood jobs so their anonymity was somewhat important and they actually had readers read their blog. But since neither are true for me, I have decided to stop having a pseudonym.

That, and it's kind of embarrassing telling people that your nickname is "Sexy Rexy".

If you look out into the landscape, nobody uses pseudonyms. When I was competing in's weekly fantasy rankings contest, I was the only one out of 50 competitors using a pseudonym. Nobody from or or or really anybody else uses a fake name, so why should I?

Therefore, "Sexy Rexy" is gone and Adam Kaplan is here to stay.

For now.

Also, in case anyway cares, my twitter handle has also changed. It is now @AdamKaplanGOI