Who's A Better Quarterback Than Mark Sanchez?

Here's a text The 'Bright' One sent to me this morning:
Buddy asked if [Mark] Sanchez is top 15. I said he's not top 32. Can we please name 32 guys better than him? Chad Pennington is probably better right now
So I went out to see if there actually are 32 better quarterbacks than New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. Here is the list I came up with (in no particular order, for me, this list is just QBs by division).

100% I Would Rather Have Over Sanchez

1) Tom Brady
2) Ryan Fitzpatrick
3) Aaron Rodgers
4) Jay Cutler
5) Christian Ponder
6) Matthew Stafford
7) Shaun Hill
8) Philip Rivers
9) Jason Campbell
10) Tim Tebow
11) Kyle Orton
12) Matt Cassel
13) Sam Bradford
14) Alex Smith
15) Michael Vick
16) Vince Young
17) Eli Manning
18) Tony Romo
19) Ben Roethlisberger
20) Joe Flacco
21) Colt McCoy
22) Andy Dalton
23) Drew Brees
24) Matt Ryan
25) Josh Freeman
26) Cam Newton
27) Matt Schaub
28) Matt Hasselbeck
29) David Garrard
30) Blaine Gabbert
31) Andrew Luck
32) Peyton Manning

Toss Up
31) Kevin Kolb
32) Chad Henne
33) Alex Smith
34) Caleb Hanie
25) Matt Flynn

I'd Rather Have Sanchez Than
- Donovan McNabb
- Rex Grossman
- Carson Palmer
- Tarvaris Jackson
- Charlier Whitehurst
- Curtis Painter
- Kyle Boller
- Dan Orlovsky
- Matt Leinart
- Matt Moore
- Mike Kafka
- Luke McCown
- Brady Quinn
- Derek Anderson
- Tyler Thigpen
- Josh Johnson

So are there 32 quarterbacks better than Mark Sanchez? I guess not. One QB on this list is still in college and two are inactive due to injury/surgery. But the point is this, Mark Sanchez is not a very good quarterback. The Jets could have won a Superbowl with Mark Sanchez the past two years on their defense alone but Sanchez should not be their QB of the future because he is a significant hindrance to the team.

I sent this list to TBO and he said he would replace Carson Palmer and Kevin Kolb over Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow but "I basically agree with this list"

Friend-of-GOI Dan Bennett would make these changes:
- Move up Kevin Kolb to the 32nd player he 100% would have over Sanchez
- Move up Tarvaris Jackson and Donovan McNabb to the "Toss Up" list
- Move Chad Henne down to the "I'd Rather Have Sanchez Than" list

1) No one drafted David Garrard as their #1 quarterback. Why didn't Stiller drop Peyton Manning's name? Not only is that more plausible but this is the only football related commercial Peyton Manning is *not* in
2) Should Mark Sanchez really be surprised that L.T. does not have Sanchez as his fantasy quarterback? Tomlinson plays with Sanchez and he knows Sanchez sucks! haha