GOI Fantasy Basketball League 2012 is back

Over the last three years GOI has had our Fantasy Basketball league. We had our draft a few weeks ago and were back for our fourth year with a few changes. We kept it an Auction League like last season, but changed it from a Rotisserie to a Head-to-Head. Channing the scoring format came with controversy in the league. We had some of the league members that wanted to make it Head-to-Head and others that wanted to keep it Rotisserie.  There is a big difference between the two. Finally after polling all of the members, many who have played in the league last year or longer we decided to change the scoring for the majority of the league.

With two weeks in the books I have to say I am not a big fan of Head-to-Head scoring for Fantasy basketball. I feel for some fantasy sports Head-to-Head is the only way to go such as Fantasy Football, but for other sports like Fantasy Baseball and Basketball (especially basketball) Rotisserie makes more sense. Like this season I like the team I drafted and talent on my roster, but not off to a good start because I have too many point guards on my roster with 6 and not enough big men. This was because all of the big men were going for too expensive after the cornerstone big men I bought to build my roster around.

Here is how my team turned out:

Here is the team TBO drafted:

Like every year TBO and myself have our rivalry for first. He is off to the early lead because I am in the basement while trying to figure out this new scoring format for basketball and making some trades for a better balanced team.  There will be periodic updates about the league.

Let us know what you think.