Our Pick'em League Keeps on Living

A few years ago we started picking the winner of each football game on this very site Game Of Inches. We started doing this before there were other websites that allowed us to do more of an automated system than manually tracking each game by hand like we did on the blog. So we moved to do this format and with that, stopped posting updates on the blog. So we will be posting an update mid season (now) and then at the end of the season so you can see how the three of us did in Adam Kaplan, TBO, and myself (Cubsfan4evr).

This year we added a new wrinkle compared to how we have played for the last several seasons. Were playing against the spread for the first time. This was Adam's idea and TBO has embraced it. To put it simply, I am still adjusting and like the old style. I like picking games straight up and none of this fancy stuff.

With Ten weeks in the books this is how the standing look:
TBO and myself are tied for first with Adam slightly behind us.  Superdup is also known as TBO.
I should point out in that in week six I had a really bad week and couldn't seem to pick a game correct against the spread.

Also, TBO forgot to fill out most of his picks last week for week Ten. He only filled out two picks (Thursday night and Sunday) and got both correct.

Here is how we did with the number of selections we got correct broken down by week:

Even with Cubsfan4evr bad week in week six and TBO bad week in week 10 because he forgot to fill out most of his picks were hanging in there. We will have a final update after the season with how we did.