Do The Bulls Need Tracy McGrady?

The LeBron James "Decision" occurred while I was in Mexico away from all of American media telling what I should think about sports. That gave me a week on the beach to consider what "The Decision" meant, and more importantly what ramifications it has on our home town Bulls. That is how a GM should think, and hopefully how Gar Forman and John Paxson do think. That being said, I started going over some of the remaining free agents in my head that could help the Bulls counter the Big 3.

Ronny Brewer was on my radar as a long, athletic, strong guard who could defend the position that James, Wade, and most every superstar in this league plays. Signing JJ Redick would have been a disaster. I have come to respect Redick's game despite being a Dukie, however the Bulls would have been raped by every shooting guard with Redick on defense. Then it came to me that McGrady is still available as a free agent. Would it be worth the risk to sign a former superstar who never fully recovered from microfracture surgery on his knee?