We've Been Waiting Weeks For Him

This is a post about Rickie Weeks.

Did you see what a did there. I used "Weeks" as a pun. Jesus I'm hilarious

Rickie Weeks have been a top prospect for the Milwaukee Brewers for years. And every year the Milwaukee propaganda (all two of them) hypes up Rickie Weeks and every year Weeks seems to come up short- either because of failure to perform or injury. Mainly injury.

Except for this year.

At the every beginning of the year DME was telling me a story about how a girl he worked with was in an 8 team league and drafted (and started) Rickie Weeks. We both laughed at just how dumb this girl was. Well 4 months later she looks like a genius. Weeks has been the second best second basemen in Yahoo! this year behind Robinson Cano. It helps that D-Ped and Chase Utley have had extended trips on the DL.

But even still, Weeks leads all 2B this year in home runs (20), along with 7 steals, 68 runs, 62 RBI's, and a .274 has made him extremely valuable in fantasy. All while being healthy and starting 99 games this year.

And although Weeks has negative defense this year at second, his 3.7 WAR has made him extremely valuable to the Milwaukee Brewers as well. (Weeks wouldn't be a Milwaukee prospect being good at offense and bad at defense a la Ryan Braun and Mat Gamel). Weeks has Grady Sizemore power with a .207 ISO and walking a tick over 10% of the time (good for a .376 OBP) this year.

I have no actual analysis here, but just saying. Good for Weeks this year. And considering how cynical we bloggers can be, especially me, it's nice to give players props when props are due.


David "MVP" Eckstein said...

To be fair

1) This chick only drafted Weeks because she's a huge homer. She also drafted Casey McGehee, Alcides Escobar, Corey Hart and Jim Edmonds. Oh wow, that worked out plenty good for her I suppose. Weird

2) Weeks still has plenty of time to get a season ending injury!