DME's Expert Draft Team

Here is my roster from a 12-team experts draft with deep, weekly rosters (5 OF, CI, MI, 2 C, etc.) post-trade I just made (I traded Carlos Santana ($25) + Carlos Carrasco ($1) for Shin-Soo Choo ($23) + Kyle Drabek ($3)). My team should be really good in June...

C-Joe Mauer ($30)
C-Brian McCann ($24)
1B-Freddie Freeman ($1)
2B-Chase Utley ($31)
SS-Hanley Ramirez ($49)
3B-Adrian Beltre ($24)
MI-Mike Aviles ($4)
CI-Chipper Jones ($1)
OF1-Shin-Soo Choo ($23)
OF2-Carlos Beltran ($4)
OF3-Franklin Gutierrez ($1)
OF4-Johnny Damon ($1)
OF5-Dustin Ackley ($1)
UT-Mike Moustakas ($3)

SP-Ubaldo Jimenez ($17)
SP-Mat Latos ($19)
RP-Jonathan Broxton ($9)
RP-Brandon Lyon ($3)
P-Luke Gregerson ($2)
P-Rafael Soriano ($2)
P-Jonny Venters ($1)
P-Brandon Webb ($1)
P-Mike Minor ($1)

BN-Kyle Drabek ($3)
BN-Joba Chamberlain ($2)
BN-Michael Pineda ($1)
BN-Dallas Braden ($1)
BN-Juan Francisco ($1)

As you can probably tell, I'm not exactly proud of this roster. Certain major buys of mine (Beltre for $24, Latos for $19, Broxton for $9) felt really stupid in hindsight when guys like Ian Kennedy went late for $2, only three other closers went for $9 or more, and Michael Young went for a measly $8. My "get elite catchers, shortstops and closers" strategy also went limp...this is a poor stars and scrubs team, but it projects for elite batting average, which will give me waiver wire flexibility as I try to Frankenstein together a team.


David "MVP" Eckstein said...

Mauer, McCann, Freeman, Utley, Hanley, Beltre, Aviles, Jones, Choo, Beltran, Gutierrez, and Damon are expected to average 17.8 HR, 9.4 SB, 73 R, 73 RBI and a .290 AVG.

The mythical "league average" middle of the road hitter in this league (median production) would be 17.2 HR, 10.6 SB, 70.4 R, 69.1 RBI, and a .272 AVG.

I clearly lack an OF5 and UTIL at this point (though there are rumors Ackley may break camp, which would be great news for me), so if I can leverage a trade and grab a solid DH type, I should be in good shape. My current team is expected to be above average in home runs, below average in stolen bases, and slightly above average in R/RBI, while making a killing in AVG. If I can get Matt Kemp, say by trading a guy like Moustakas or Ackley with Webb, or a BJ Upton type, I will be golden. My pitching is actually not that bad. I wish I had a stronger SP4, but I think one of Minor/Drabek/Pineda will be an elite top 30 type. Ubaldo and Latos are both top 15-20 types (though I want to move Ubaldo for a top 20 type that I have more confidence in, perhaps acquiring Scherzer+someone for him), and though I could use a solid closer, my 2.5 guys aren't the worst situation given the inevitable "closers losing their job" that happens throughout the year.

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

And of course, this all is without Juan Francisco, who Oliver thinks could be Mike Stanton good if given the PA (well, in terms of AVG/HR/RBI production, not OBP)

Sexy Rexy said...

I personally think your entire outfield (sans Choo) is pretty weak and thin but I've always found that no matter what the league is, 1B and OF are ALWAYS plentiful so if you're going to draft two weak positions why not be the ones in which you'll be able to find depth later

It' my understanding that in these two catcher leagues, teams tend to just one great catcher and one prospect or "eh, whatever" catcher. Looking around your league do you see guys who attempted to go this approach as opposed to your approach?

And did you draft Mauer, McCann, AND Black Magic Woman?

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

Well i got all 3 catchers because i wanted trade leverage. $75 for 3 of baseball's 4 best catchers (well i have them all ranked top 3) seemed like a steal for a league where someone is going to have to draft a guy like "Josh Thole" as their primary. I wanted a trade chip for someone i wanted and Choo fit the bill. Same reason I have moustakas and ackley and pineda.

Most other people have 2 TERRIBLE catchers or 1 good guy, one awful guy. E.g., Pierzynski+Choo.

Having Mauer+McCann is going to be HUGE for my bottom line if you think about just how relatively bad catchers #13-24 are

Sexy Rexy said...

The thing is though that catchers for the most part suck. When you look at the final numbers for catchers compared to other player's numbers, they don't even come close. I think getting ONE good catcher is good but I think you should flip another catcher for some legit home run power which is the biggest hole on your team.

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

This one guy in our league keeps offering me poor trades that are "less than fair" like Zack Greinke for Mauer or Soto+Werth for McCann + Beltre. We're in a 12 team, 2 C, 3B/MI league. The best catcher on the market is Frank Cervelli and the best CI is probably Garrett Jones.

If you ask me, you have to pay a pretty premium for either McCann or Beltre. Not even a fair deal will do. I told him Kemp for Beltre is the LOWEST I'd go. Am I unreasonable?

Also, I have no pressing need for power. I need stolen bases. A guy like BJ Upton would do WONDERS for my team.