Legal Fantasy Baseball Team Names

I can't sleep, so here are some some fantasy baseball team names that involved legal jargon I've been musing about. Some are better than others; make suggestions in the comments.
  • Habeas CORPAS
  • De Novotto Review
  • Quid Pro Kuo
  • Caveat Kemptor
  • Per Quade
  • Cliff Appellee
  • Wright To Remain Silent (or sub any other "Constitutional Wright")
  • Fi-Duchsch-iary Obligations
  • Longoria Arm Statutes
  • Lessoria
  • Locus in Kuo
  • Gideon v. Wainwright
  • Juan Miranda v. Arizona (he was traded to Dbacks in the offseason)


Dmitry said...

gideon v wainwright

that one wrote itself