March Madness: Archer Quotes Edition

March Madness and the NCAA basketball tournament is upon us, so of course it's time for some fake bracket stuff. Friend of the blog D.B. had a genius idea- to create a NCAA bracket style tournament full of Archer quotes. And considering Archer was the comedy that the Game Of Inches fans voted was the best comedy currently airing, why not do this.

I considered expanding this bracket to 32 quotes, and it's entirely possible to come up with 15 more quotes (and not have the play in game) but realistically voting on that many quotes is a huge freaking hassle. So D.B. and myself have limited the tournament to 17 quotes.

After hours of research, I have discovered a lot of funny dialogue and lines that are funny, but need a step up to them so sadly they were dismissed. This tournament is limited solely to one liners. (I included the set up to one of the "play-in games" below just to have the quote originally make more sense, but the Archer response is a funny line in and of itself).

If you do not watch Archer, please do not vote. And also go out and start watching Archer. For starters though, feel free to vote for the play-in game.

I have also posted the 16 team bracket. I won't make the bracket "official" until the play-in game has been decided. I'm still open to hearing argument about the ranking of quotes and which quotes should be left on or off. But keep in mind, I'm only using 15 more quotes and there are funny lines that I have left off; inevitably there will be funny lines not included in the bracket. Also, I am known for getting quotes wrong so if you have found that I have mangled a quote, please tell me before I make the bracket official.

(Click to enlarge)

If you need clarification on the origin of the quote, just let me know.

And now, let the voting begin!