Converse "React Juice" Shoes

On the ESPN NBA Today Podcast Mike Yam and Tim Legler talk about Converse "React Juice" Shoes (about 14 minutes in) which was a popular shoe during the late 1990’s. What made the shoe popular was the green juice in the shoe, which was under the heel of the shoe. The shoe was endorsed by Larry Johnson. You can see the popular commercial here:

No one knew if the juice was toxic or not as Tim Legler discussed on the podcast. He started wearing the shoe during the 1995 season when he received a shipment of them. In a preseason game there was an incident where Danny Ferry’s “React Juice” Shoes started leaking and they had to stop the game and clean it up. They thought it was an isolated incident and only one defected pair. Then during a practice in the 1995 season when Tim Legler was wearing the "React Juice" Shoes, it started leaking and almost injured teammate Chris Webber. Webber did a split because the juice was all over the court. They stopped the practice when Legler realized his shoes were leaking. Eventually the shoes had to be recalled.

You can check out Pictures of Converse "React Juice" Shoes.