Redux: The Best Films Of 2011

Early last month I posted my list of the ten best films of 2011. However, I saw more films after this list was posted, including Drive who most people consider the best film of the year and The Artist which just won Best Picture at the 2012 Oscar's (and consider the other 8 films it was up against, it absolutely deserved to win; it did not Hurt Locker any of the other nominations).

So here's my redo list of the ten best films of the terrible year that was 2011.

10) Moneyball

9) The Descendants

8) Larry Crowne

7) X-Men: First Class

6) 50/50

5) Paranormal Activity 3

4) The Artist

3) Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

2) Drive

1) Young Adult

In terms of both enjoyability and quality of the movie making process Drive is probably the better movie but I just enjoyed Young Adult so damn much. I saw Drive once it came to DVD and once it got a lot of hype online whereas I saw Young Adult in theaters on its opening weekend. If I saw Drive in theaters it would probably be my #1 selection but Young Adult is my personal favorite.

After Jason Reitman's last project, Up In The Air lost steam as the perennial favorite in 2009 eventually losing all Oscars to The Hurt Locker, the crew of Young Adult tried to calculate release dates of the film as well as choosing not to enter it into film festivals such as Cannes because they determined that it is films that come out of nowhere and peak at the right time that win Best Picture. The last three Best Picture Oscar winners- The Artist, The King's Speech, and The Hurt Locker- are prime examples of this. But in doing so YA shot itself in the foot and ended up getting no Oscar nominations. I believe that if the film had gone about doing what it normally does then at minimum it would have been like Up In The Air where at least if it is not going to get any Oscar wins it will at least get Oscar nominations.

I think history will not be kind to Young Adult and that in ten years we will collectively determine that the best film of 2011 was Drive and I won't throw up a huge fight with them, but I will stand by my original selection of Young Adult