Preparing for Fantasy Basketball 2011-2012

Were over a month into the basketball season and I never posted anything about players I like for fantasy basketball this season. It’s too late to draft a team, but you can still try to trade for some of these players. I was hoping to post this before the draft, but December was a busy time at work, busy creating the GOI fantasy league, and many other reasons, including not wanting to give all of my fantasy basketball secrets to the other GOI authors and readers playing in our fantasy league. Now that I have some time I decided to post it anyways so you can see the players I was targeting at the beginning of the season.

I don't go in depth on every player and why I like them, but it's a number of things taken into account. Here are the main things I look at:
1) Where they are being drafted or bought in an auction league. Value is one the main things I look at and where you can get the best value, early and late in a draft.
2) Well rounded players that can help you in as many areas as possible. As we get down the list and more to late fliers they more get more one dimensional, but for the value and potential they are worth it.

These were players I was targeting in the pre-season and as you can see I was right on some, missed on others so far who may turn it around, and some are injured for the season.
Players you should or try to trade for:
1. Kevin Durant (OKC)- A MVP candidate and worth taking number one overall or buying in an auction league if you had the chance. This is an player you build a team around.
2. Russell Westbrook (OKC) – When it comes to PG he doesn’t have the health risk that Chris Paul seems to have or the bad FG % that Rajon Rondo has even though Rondo does so much else well. Westbrook is an elite PG you can build your team around.
3. Deron Williams (NJ)- Along with Westbrook, Williams can be a elite PG to build your team around. He has potential to take it to that next level and be a top 10 player, but always seems to disappoint in that regards. This year he has been asked to do too much and his FG% has been suffering, but helping your team in all of the other areas he always does if you have him.
4. Al Horford (ATL)- Out for the season which hurts me because I drafted him on all my teams. I was building my teams around Horford and expecting a big season.
5. LaMarcus Aldridge (POR)- Having a great season, and I would have rated him higher if it wasn’t for TBO pointing out his recently diagnosed heart condition to me which hasn’t effect him.
6. Blake Griffin (LAC)- I loved the value here because I was surprised he was being drafted as late as he was for how he finished last year.
7. Eric Gordon (LAC)- Shooting guard is very weak so I was very big season out of Eric Gordon. He is a very efficient scorer and going to be the best player on the team, but injuries have derailed his season.
8. David Lee (GS)- I was expecting a rebound season.
9. Rajon Rondo – A down year for the man who is always a leader in assist and steals.
10. Serge Ibaka (OKC)- He could be the best shot blocker in the league and I thought he would take it to that next level on offense, but with inconsistent minutes that hasn’t happened.
11. Brook Lopez (NJ)- He was my second round pick last year who majorly disappointed me. I loved the value for where he was falling this year, but with him missing so much time to injuries it is not good in this shortened season. If you can pick him up on waivers then you should do that ASAP.
12. Kevin Martin (HOU)- As I mentioned SG is very shallow and he is the second best option after Gordon, but turned out to be the safest.
13. Zach Randolph (MEM)- He has been my sleeper for the last few years because I was able to get him in the 4th or 5th round, but now he finally was getting recognition for being as good as he is. Another guy on my list hit by injuries.
14. Andre Iguodala (PHI)- He does a little of everything. After the marquee small forwards he is the best option.
15. Jrue Holiday (PHI)- I was big on him and Lowry, but was bigger on him when I was forced to choose. Rarely was I able to draft both of them and a marquee point guard. Only in my dreams!
16. Kyle Lowry (HOU)- He has been in the league for a few years, but looked like he was ready to break out this season given a chance and he did.
17. Greg Monroe (DET)- A young center who hasn’t disappointed. He is averaging a double double, and passes the ball well for a big man. He also helps is steals.
18. Marcin Gortat (PHO)- Also having a good season and block shots.
19. Channing Frye (PHO)- A disappointing season and is you can try to unload him if doesn’t look like he will rebound in the second half.
20. Mike Conley, Jr. (MEM)- He is having a strong season and helps in all the typical point guard categories.
21. Danilo Gallinari (DEN)- He just had an injury which will cost him a month, but he was having a monster season and a top 5 player before the injury. He started coming into his own this season as a elite efficient scorer.
22. Marc Gasol (MEM)- Right now he is the second best fantasy center. Besides for averaging a double double he passes well and blocks shots.
23. Tyreke Evans (SAC)- For where he was being drafted he is having a nice season, but he didn’t improve like I thought he could. It looks like what we see is what we get with Tyreke Evans.
24. Andrew Bogut (MIL)- Injuries seem to plague him every year which is why he was ranked as low as he was, and this year is no different. Before his injury this year, he was on pace for a big season carrying your team.
25. JaVale McGee (WAS)- A great value for where he was drafted. He will anchor your team is blocks and help in rebounds.
26. Andray Blatche (WAS)-Talk about bust. This is the last year I will ever be high on him. I am officially off the Andray Blatche bandwagon.
27. Ty Lawson (DEN)- A very good season in his second year.
28. Wesley Matthews (POR)- He reminded me as a cheap man’s version of Danilo Gallinari. Having a very good season.
29. Hedo Turkoglu (ORL)- After the few other small forwards I have on this list there aren’t many I like and he was being drafted very late so I liked the low risk.
30. Luis Scola (HOU)- Scola is always solid, but not this year.
31. Roy Hibbert (IND)- There was several centers I liked this year and Hibbert was one of them. He didn’t disappoint making the All star team.
32. Darren Collison (IND)- I drafted him last year over Westbrook and it didn’t work out. Towards the end of last season he seemed to learn his role on the team under his new coach so I liked him again this year.
33. Michael Beasley (MIN)
34. Jose Calderon (TOR)- I like Calderon every year if nothing else for the assist’s.
35. Anderson Varejao (CLE)- Every team need’s a go to need a go to man and I thought it could be Varejao having some help in rookie Kyle Irving. Varejao has been good, especially for the late pickup.
36. Paul George (IND)- I liked the potential of George as a scorer and slasher. He reminded me a lot of Luol Deng.
37. DeAndre Jordan (LAC)- He’s a one dimensional guy for block’s, but can be a difference maker.
38. Jeff Teague (ATL)- Hinrich’s injury opened the door and he took advantage. He shoot’s first which has been the knock on him, but he still averages almost 5 assist per game.
39. Samuel Dalembert - I thought he would just anchor your team in blocks, but surprisingly his resurgence occurred this season and he has helped your team in other areas.
40. Nick Young (WAS)
41. Evan Turner (PHI)

There will be more to come on Fantasy basketball this season.