At least i can now shave off my playoff beard..or not

  • Corey Crawford deserves to advance to round 2, the rest can go home
  • The level of clutchness cannot be measured, but unfortunately the final score can
  • I cant watch sports movies because they are fake, sports are real. Thats the point
  • Anyone who questions why sports even exists, the answer is simple. If they didnt, men would still compete, probably to the death. This way there at least exists rules
  • This is also why most women do not, and really should not get sports. The only thing they really need to compete for is the right sperm(not to graphic i hope)
  • Catharsis is probably not the best way to manage stress, especially with fragile things around..but
  • Playoff sports is like watching the greatest horror movie ever with a plastic bag over your head while while getting kneed in the groin. All the pepto in the world wont do you any good
  • For 10 years i had no clue what good hockey was, because i never saw it. Thanks to Kane and Toews, i now do
  • And no, i am not shaving off this beauty. It's too sweet!