Sam Fuld: 10 On The Buehrle-Meter

You can see the link here on for when MLB eventually removes the video from YouTube


Dmitry said...

the thing is that fuld did this with the cubs all the time. whenever he got to a ball it would end up in his glove somehow, regardless the position/situation. so if you showed me that video, and paused it in mid flight, i would have bet money he catches it.

Sexy Rexy said...

The thing with most "great" outfield catches is that the outfielder looks like he makes a great catch but its really because he doesn't have the greatest range or he's playing out of position so what looks like a great catch is just a "can of corn" for more superior players

But Fuld (and the rest of the Rays outfielder) were purposefully playing shallow because Juan Pierre was at bat and for Fuld to essentially come from the infield to the corner of the outfield to make that catch was fan-fucking-tastic

Dmitry said...

you should just upload the video to blogger and bypass youtube