Box Score Tonight- Week One: Early Games Edition (Part I)

Welcome back to BST! We'll begin as soon I begin to realize that my team won't win more than four games now that my MVP, hall of fame quarterback will be out at least ten games.

As always we'll begin with the Chicago Bears
- Fuck of y'all. Bears destroy the Atlanta Falcons 30-12 at Soldier.
- Jay Cutler's passing rating: 107.8. Matt Ryan's: 76.5. Take that QBR ESPN and shove it up your ass!
- Matt Forte did not look to have the greatest day (16 carries for 68 yards) but he had a solid 4.3 YPC. Where he went off receiving (5/6, 90 yards, TD) thanks to a 56 yards TD screen pass
- After Forte the Bears receiving is pretty murky. Johnny Knox and Devin Hester both had 3 catches for 60 yards.
- I said in my Bears Training Camp article that on the goal line the TE are going to get a bulk of the work. Matt Speath got an easy goal line receiving TD and Kellen Davis was targeted for another one.
- The Bears defense was just amazing and this supposed "explosive" Falcons offense looked bland and vanilla and was very run focused.
- Michael Turner can catch passes as he caught three today because that's just what the Bears defense was giving him. He had 100 yards on 10 carries. No TD for him today but expect many more to come.
- Roddy White: 8/13 for 61 yards, Julio Jones: 5/6 for 71 yards, Tony Gonzalez: 5/7 for 72 yards.
- I'm starting the Julius Peppers for Defensive Player Of The Year Campaign right now as he was just a great force and proven too much for Matt Ryan and the Falcons O-line to handle
- I thought Buffalo wasn't going to be able to go into Aarowhead and defeat the Chiefs even though I thought the Bills were the better team. Ryan Fitzpatrick throws four TD passes to help rape the Chiefs 41-7
- Stevie Johnson caught a TD pass but tight end Scott Chandler caught 2 of them along with 63 yards and only 3 less yards and one more catch than Johnson. I would monitor Chandler for fantasy but don't overreact to this one game.
- Fred Jackson was clearly the starter and the full time guy as he got 20 carries for 112 yards but CJ Spiller got the rushing TD (9 yards TD) along with his 5 carries. Fred Jackson was always the guy and this game did nothing to help prove otherwise.
- Matt Cassel was injured and didn't have his safety net TE Tony Moaki in his game. Plus he's not good as shown by his 64.5 passer rating in this game.
- Steve Breaston led all Chiefs wide outs with 26 yards. Hooray!
- Jamaal Charles continues with his awesome YPC with 5.6, but he only gets 10 carries (for those of you at home that's 56 rushing yards). However he saved his fantasy day but receiving Cassel's lone TD pass (and Kansas City's only score of the game)
- In an upset (because Andy Dalton won a game) the Cincinnati Bengals defeat the Cleveland Browns in Cleveland.
- I don't know why but Bruce Gradkowski finished this game. He had 12 passing attempts. Dalton had 15. Dalton's PR: 102.4. Gradkowski's PR: 96.5.
- Cedric Benson had a good game. Whodathunk it. He got 121 rushing yards on 25 carries plus a rushing TD.
- Jermaine Greshman led all Cincy receivers in yards (58). Both him and A.J. Green had a receiving touchdown.
- My boy Colt McCoy only had a 70.1 passer rating because he only completed 19 passes out of his 40 attempts.
- Peyton Hillis succumbs to the Madden Curse! He only has 57 rushing yards on 17 attempts with no rushing TDs. Although he did have 6 catches but only for 30 yards.
- Tight ends Evan Moore and Ben Watson get McCoy's two touchdown passes. Trendy sleeper Greg Little only gets one catch for 17 yards and three targets.
- For some reason I thought the Rams were good enough to defeat the Eagles at home. Boy am I dumb. The Philadelphia Eagles defeat the St. Louis Rams 31-13.
- For fantasy you're always starting all your Eagles. Most notably my boy LeSean McCoy goes off. He had 122 rushing yards on 15 carries and a rushing TD along with 2 catches for 15 yards and a receiving TD.
- Jason Avant (40) had more receiving yards than Jeremy Maclin (20)
- Steven Jackson leaves this game after only two carries. Luckily for fantasy owners he had a 47 yard TD run. Cadallic Williams gets 91 yards off of 19 carries.
- As you'd expect the receiving situation in St. Louis is a clusterfuck. Brandon Gibson (3/5 for 50 yards), Danny Amendola (5/6 for 45 yards), Lance Kendricks (1/5 for 18 yards) and Mike Sims-Walker (1/4 for 5 yards).
- I would just like to note that I was never on the Mike Sims-Walker bandwagon to begin with. He was inconsistent and streaky at best while being the main guy in Jacksonville and now he's in competition with like five other guys.
- My boy Sam Bradford has a stinker: 17/30, 188 passing yards, no TDs, no INTs.
- Baltimore defeats Steelers at home 35-7
- Ray Rice is a beast. He had 107 rushing yards and a TD on 19 carries and had 42 receiving yards and a receiving TD on four catches.
- Anquan Boldin had a receiving TD and 74 receiving yards on 4 catches (7 targets)
- I think Ed Dickson is an under-the-radar TE as he replaces Todd Heap. He caught all of his 5 targets, had 59 receiving yards and a TD.
- Just as a get on the Big Ben bandwagon he has a game like this, 280 passing yards on 41 attempts, 3 INT, 1 TD
- My boy from Illinois (I love these "my boy" rhymes I keep coming up with!) Rashard Mendenhall also has a stinker- 12 carries, 45 yards, 3.8 YPC.
- Fuck all of you who doubted my boy Mike Wallace in a PPR league. He had 107 receiving yards and 8 catches (11 targets). Admittedly he will not have that many catches consistently week to week, but I've been preaching his awesomeness in all formats

OK, because there are no bye weeks I'm getting tired of writing. I'll pick this up when I get more time on my hands and sorry for all the grammatical and spelling errors.