Cubsfan4evr: Fantasy Players to Avoid

In my last article I discussed players that I am targeting this season. Here is a list of players that I would avoid this season because I think their going to regress from last season, on the decline, or have a good chance of getting injured:

·Michael Turner
·Rashard Mendenhall
·Darren McFadden
·Michael Vick
·Frank Gore
·Peyton Manning
·Reggie Wayne
·Steven Jackson
·Peyton Hillis
·Greg Jennings
·Ryan Mathews
·Joseh Addai
·Austin Collie
·Tony Gonzalez

I didn't go into detail on each player but age, health, and over value were the main factors. Players not on my target I still may draft if the value is right, but not if their on my avoid list.