Football Board Bets 2011 Are Up!

The start of football season is here along with fantasy football which means Game Of Inches "board bets" for this year's football season are back. Recently Sexy Rexy and my self got together and talked a lot of football and we made 12 board bets in addition to the ones we had already. I have also made a few with TBO so check out this year's Football Board Bets which can also be found on the right side of the blog. A special thanks to Sexy Rexy for adding all of the board bets and making sure they are up to date. Without him we wouldn't be ready for football here at GOI. He is the man responsible for making sure the Board Bets page is what it is.

Now make sure you check out the Football Board Bets (2011) and let us know who you think made the better deals!