What is Geovany Soto's future with the Cubs?

I recently read a great article looking at Chicago Cubs catcher Geovany Soto and what his value is to the Chicago Cubs. Recently, TBO and myself went through every position on the Cubs and evaluated what the new GM will need to do at that position. Eventually we will have to actually podcast or write up that conversation, but there aren't many players the Cubs can build around for the future.

When we got to catcher and especially to Geovany Soto, TBO and myself disagreed. I like Soto, and think he is valuable compared to catchers around the league, but don't think he is consistent or reliable. I don't know if he is the answer as one of the building blocks for this team, but TBO thought he was. I don't think as highly as TBO does of him, but I do think he is the best catcher the Cubs will be able to get for the position, just not necessarily a building block for the team.

This article did a great job of breaking down the inconsistency’s of Geovany Soto.


Dmitry said...

building block is a very strong word, especially for a catcher. thats a word you use for Tulo, Prior before his arm died, or a Mauer. The only other possible catchers would be McCann and possibly Buster/Santana. Everyone else is at best just a block. And there is nothing wrong with Geo buing a block on a winning team