Fantasy Outlook: DME's Ultra Sexy Fantasy Baseball Resources Revealed

As promised, my two money leagues have drafted and I have a few interesting files to share with you, the public. You can navigate the files below by the labeled tabs at the bottom of the file. Some of the files are .xlsx files and will require Office 2007 or higher (though they can be converted to .xls files for free).
  • Draft Comparison Rankings - this first file compares Mock Draft Central (MDC) rankings to those of Yahoo fantasy sports (Y!) and (ESPN). The theory behind this file is that MDC rankings represent free market player valuations (courtesy of mid-February data). By comparing MDC rankings to those of Y! and ESPN, one finds who is under/overvalued in each service. Nelson Cruz seems to be perfectly ranked in both Y! and ESPN!, while Y! seems to underrate Max Scherzer and ESPN seems to undervalue Dan Uggla. EDITOR'S NOTE: Yahoo Sports updated its player rankings on March 11, 2010. I have updated the data to reflect these changes.
  • Starting Pitchers Rankings - this second file has my Top 50 Value SP rankings (players are ranked based on draft position value; thus, no Tim Lincecum or Roy Halladay) and a fully sortable spreadsheet listing all the important peripheral and 2009 statistic data for all 130 starting pitchers who logged 100+ innings last season (data courtesy of Fangraphs).
  • xBABIP-based 2010 hitter projections - Using 2009 data for all MLB hitters who amassed 300+ PAs last season, I projected 2010 triple slash lines for 284 hitters (assuming that all hits added/subtracted due to "luck" were singles). For more information on how the data was calculated, click here.
A few other valuable resources I utilized for my draft and auction leagues:
I wish everyone the best of luck in fantasy this year. I will post some more analysis in the coming days. Long live King Felix.


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Matthew said...

vlookup the names (first get rid of the tildes and accents of the hispanic players names), and you should be able to fairly quickly get all three rankings on one sheet.

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

Hey matthew,

can you clarify what you mean? I went thru and modified that before posting the sheet. Which tab are you looking at?

Sexy Rexy said...

Get back to work Matt! Your lunch break is over!