#20- Mullholland Drive (2001)

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This post was written by David "MVP" Eckstein

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Directed By: David Lynch
Written By: David Lynch
Starring: Naomi Watts, Laura Harring, Justin Theroux, and Ann Miller

The Plot

In this neo-noir, surrealist thriller, a dark-haired woman (Harring) narrowly escapes an attempted murder on her life that results in an amnesia-inducing car wreck. The woman befriends a naive, aspiring actress (Watts) and the two embark to uncover the mysterious woman's sordid past and identity. This non-linear thriller about jealously and guilt is a deep and layered erotic puzzle riddled with subconscious imagery, 1950's idealism, and bizarre physiological proxy. This is David Lynch's magnum opus- the culmination of scattered and promising and non-commercial brilliance since Blue Velvet. In short, what his 1997 film Lost Highway aspired to be.

Why This Movie Is Great

This is THE best movie of the past 25 years because of its deep complexities. Mullholland Drive is a film you can watch 100 times and notice 100 new things. I uncover a new piece to Lynch's cryptic puzzle every time I watch the movie. Mullholland Drive is like a very real surrealist art painting that you can stare at for hours and interpret in 1,000 different ways. The first few times you watch this film, you will inevitably ask yourself, "What the fuck!?" however the DVD's inserts clues guide you to some coherent comprehension about the dark side of mankind: the power of greed and despair of jealousy. This is regret is its rawest form. I do not want to reveal much more because uncovering the mystery of what is really going on is the fun of watching the movie over and over again. This film is an intense classic that never gets tiring to watch.

FUN FACT: Naomi Watts' first lesbian scene is universally hailed as one of the five most erotic moment in cinema history. She is absolutely gorgeous and her character has an electric naivety that makes her the perfect girl next door. On the other hand, her second lesbian scene will make you feel dirty and in need of a shower. Lynch beautifully works in the duality of man and women in this film.