Notes On Commenting And Scoring: 25 Greatest Movies Of The Past 25 Years

You can read GOI's introduction to our list of the 25 Greatest Movies Of The Past 25 Years here


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How This List Came About

As mentioned in the introduction, this list is a combination of the four GOI contributors as well as my personal friends and friends-of-the-site Daniel Bennett and Bryan Hernandez. Everyone submitted a list to me of what they thought was the 25 greatest movies since 1987. I then assigned a number to everyone's rankings. Everyone's #1 movie received a 25, everyone's #2 movie received a 24, everyone's #3 movie received a 23 and so on and so forth. These lists were then painstakingly calculated by me and then were then ranked BCS style. The end result is Game Of Inches' 25 Greatest Movies of the Past 25 Years.

Other Notes
- The word "best" is a misnomer. I gave all the rankers full range to rank the movies any way they wanted to. Everybody ranked their 25 favorite movies and nobody ranked the movies that are extremely well made but movies they probably don't want to see again (let's call this the Apocalypse Now Effect).
- As a result of this "favorite" over "best" distinction, there are certain movies that you will see on many mainstream lists and movies that won Oscars but did not deserve to not appear on Game Of Inches' list. I was more than happy to see movies like "Titanic" only appear on one rankers list and thus did not deserve to became one of Game of Inches' 25 Greatest Movies of the Past 25 Years.