(Redux) #22- For Love Of The Game

For Love Of The Game is GOI's own Cubsfan4evr1's favorite movie of all time. For that reason it deserved a spot on Game Of Inches's list of the25 Greatest Movies Of The Past 25 Years. When the final list for Game Of Inches was calculated, the movie ranked #22.

I personally started compiling the list and writing posts immediately after I finished my 5th semester law school finals. For Love Of The Game was ranked fairly low on the list and unfortunately for Cubsfan he had to turn in to me his movie review of the film in the middle of December- during the busiest month of his job. Sadly, he did not have time to turn in his review to me by the time the post was scheduled to be released and because I wanted to keep the list moving, I created a post for For Love Of The Game without Cubsfan's review.

But now Cubfan has completed his movie review! I added his review on to the original For Love Of The Game post.

Please read Cubsfan's full review here