The 25 Greatest Movies Of The Past 25 Years

Soon, Game Of Inches will count down and give you what we think the 25 greatest movies are from the past 25 years.

The four Game of Inches authors (Adam "Sexy Rexy" Kaplan, David "MVP" Eckstein, The 'Bright' One, and Cubsfan4evr1) along with friends of the site Daniel Bennett and (hopefully) Bryan Hernandez will all submit to me their lists of what they believe the top 25 greatest movies of the past 25 years are.

There are no requirements for what each person thinks is great. It could be their top 25 list of their favorite movies, the top 25 best technically sound movies, or really the only 25 movies they've seen. The only requirement is that the movie needs to have been released in 1987 or later (which mainly means no Aliens (1986)).

Once the six lists have come to me it will be up to my discretion how Game of Inches' top 25 will be ranked (hey, it's my idea and my post so whatevah, whatevah, I'll do whatIwan!). I will however give weight to 1) everyone's number one overall movie 2) the movies that show up consistently on people's list and 3) how highly ranked movies are on people's list. Other than that, it'll probably just be up to me (It was suggested that this be done BCS style but I just know these lists are going to be all over the place and I fear there's not going to be a consensus even 30-40 consistent movies to make this idea plausible. But in theory I like it.)

Either way, once I am done with finals, Game of Inches will come out with its consecutive posts of what the site as a whole thinks is the greatest movies of the past quarter century.

We would also like to hear from you. Send us your top ten list of what you think are the greatest movies of the past 25 years to with 25 Greatest Movies in the topic line.


Dmitry said...

this includes pornos, right?