The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Released. LOUD NOISES!


We here at Game Of Inches love The Dark Knight. The movie just might come up on our list of the 25 Greatest Movies Of The Past 25 Years. *wink wink* It's one of my personal favorite movies of all time. So of course we are all waiting in anticipation for the third movie in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, to be released. The interweb is buzzing about this trailer and people can not stop analyzing this trailer.

So my thoughts? Can everybody please shut the hell up about this or any Dark Knight Rises trailer!

First, of all there is no reason to massively advertise this movie. This was my same logic for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part II. Everyone is going to see this movie and this movie will make a ton of money with or without a massive ad campaign.

Trailers ruin movies. They set up unreasonable expectations for the viewer.

Secondly, I don't want any more parts of this movie shown to me. I want to be surprised and in awe of this film all on my own. I know the movie studio is going to release more and more footage of this movie through trailers and because I watch so much television I will be forced to endure more new trailers as they get released. Stop trying to ruin my life Warner Bros!

One last thing before I wrap up, this is the best play that Hines Ward has made in the past two years so kudos to him.


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