#22- For Love Of The Game (1999)

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Directed By: Sam Raimi
Written By: Dana Stevens
Starring: Kevin Costner, Kelly Preston, and John C. Reilly

Based Upon: The book For Love Of The Game by Michael Shaara

The Plot

Detroit Tigers future hall of famer pitcher Billy Chapel (Costner) has always been at the top of his game for his career, with the same team. He has always put the game first, even when his career was in jeopardy after an accident. The game always came first. The Tigers are in last place and trying to play spoilers to the Yankee’s so the coach wants to change his battery mate who hasn’t hit in years. At the age of 40, he learns his friend who has owned the Tigers is selling the team and the new owner will be trading him. This will be his last game as a Tiger and he is contemplating quitting the game of baseball. As he is pitching he is trying to decide whether he should retire on his terms or accept the trade. The morning of this big game his girlfriend of four years (Preston) told him she’s leaving for a job in London because she will always be second in his life. As he pitches he reflects on his relationship with her and his love for the game……………….

Why This Movie Is Great

There are many baseball movies that are considered to be great such as Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, Eight Man Out, and The Natural. For Love of the Game is not considered one of them because it is classified as a romance movie. It is portrayed as a love story, so hardcore baseball fans don’t want to see a love story and women don’t want to see a romantic love story about the game of baseball. The movie is a romantic love story, but it’s also about baseball and everyday life. For Love of the Game is one of my favorite movies because of the meaning this movie portrays. It is not just because it’s a baseball movie and goes through the nine innings of a game.

This movie has so many messages that each time I watch it, it reminds me of so many different challenges that baseball players go through. This includes personal challenges, the possibility of being traded, and how you are viewed in the perception of others. In addition, the movie shows the hardships that a pitcher has to go through over the course of his career. One example includes having an accident with your pitching hand which Billy thought was career ending. He could not pick up a baseball let alone throw it. The doctors kept telling him he wouldn’t come back from it, but it was his determination that did which also jeopardized his personal relationship. Top this with his personal life and trying to figure out what direction he should head. This movie shows all the hard choices you have to make in baseball and life and how to balance them. Only a true baseball fan can appreciate this movie by understanding all of the symbolism that it contains.

Each time I watch this movie I feel inspired about life and feel reenergized about my love for the game!