2011 Draft Special: Pick #15- Miami Dolphins

I have to admit I was big on Chad Henne coming into the 2010 year. He looked really good at the end of 2009 posting three 300+ yard games out of his last five. I even went so far to say that Henne was a top 15 fantasy quarterback coming into this year.

I apologize to you, I was wrong.

However, I believe that third stringer and former Kansas City quarterback is the best quarterback on the Miami roster. I think he has the potential to be a more mobile Kyle Orton. I know claiming Kyle Orton is your ceiling might be construed as an insult- but it's not. I like Kyle Orton a lot. Chad Pennington does have talent and can do great things as long as his receiver is under 20 yards down the field- but he's old, battered, and bruised. If this team had a playoff caliber defense, then having either a healthy Pennington or Tyler Thigpen would be awesome for this team. Unfortunately, this team does not have a good defense.

I'll get to Miami's defense in a second, but first let's finish up with their offense. I know Brandon Marshall didn't work out well in his first year on South Beach but the dude is immensely talented and realistically for the Dolphins, you're not going to find anyone better. Devone Bess is actually a great complimentary receiver and came into his own as a legitimate number two wide out and once Marshall turns into Broncos Brandon Marshall, Bess will become even better and get more opportunities.

Miami's running game is a different story. Ricky Williams is 33 years old and Ronnie Brown is 29. These guys are no spring chickens. It's actually a shame that these two happen to be on the same team because it gives the appearance that the Dolphins do not need another running back. If I were Miami's GM I would trade at least one or both for draft picks. Last year Miami's offensive line was 18th in run blocking, but number one in 2009. This offensive line has talent on it but opening holes can only do so much for bad skill position players. Miami is pretty mediocre to below average in their offensive line but I believe that if Miami gets better skill position players that the line will look a whole lot better.

Now we can turn to the defense. Miami does have an elite linebacker and sack specialist in pro Bowler Cam Wake. They have have a darn good safety in Chris Clemons and a borderline elite cornerback in Illinois alum Vontae Davis. Despite the fact that I haven't heard of any other starter on that team, the defense did pretty well for themselves. Miami finished 6th overall in total yards given up and 14th overall in total points given up. According to Football Outsiders, Miami had the 8th best defense in the NFL, the 4th best rushing defense, but the 23rd best passing defense. This makes sense because no none other than Wake was bringing pressure and there's a whole side of the side is which Davis and Clemons are not playing.

However, overall, this defense can be easily correctable with one or two players- maybe another elite pass rusher.

The Miami Dolphins can go a whole bunch of different ways here. According to Scouts Inc there are some great value defensive lineman such as DE/OLB Aldon Smith out of Missouri and DE J.J. Watt out of Wisconsin. But also not too far away is Alabama RB Mark Ingram ready for the taking and USC OT Tyron Smith. All of these players would be a fine fit for this club. According to Mel Kiper Jr, Aldon Smith would be a great choice but also Cal DE Cameron Jordan and Purdue DE Ryan Kerrigan.

I think Miami should choose between Aldon Smith, Mark Ingram, and Tyron Smith. Because I unfortunately have not scouted these three players I don't know who I personally would have have higher on my board but for the sake of this mock I'll go with a great pass rusher who would fit perfectly in Miami's 3-4 scheme and that would be Aldon Smith

Dolphins's Needs:

- Quarterback

- Running Back

- Pass Rusher

- To Win Multiple Games At Home

Game Of Inches Mock Draft (so far):
1) Carolina Panthers- DT Nick Fairley (Auburn)
2) Denver Broncos- DE Da'Quan Bowers (Clemson)
3) Buffalo Bills- CB Patrick Peterson (LSU)
4) Cincinnati Bengals- WR A.J. Green (Georgia)
5) Arizona Cardinals- QB Blaine Gabbert (Missouri)
6) Cleveland Browns- OLB Von Miller (Texas A&M)
7) San Fransisco 49ers- CB Prince Amukamara (Nebraska)
8) Tennessee Titans- QB Cam Newton (Auburn)
9) Dallas Cowboys- DT Marcell Dareus (Alabama)
10) Washington Redskins- DE Robert Quinn (North Carolina)
11) Houston Texans- CB Jimmy Smith (Colorado)
12) Minnesota Vikings- OT Nate Solder (Colorado)
13) Detriot Lions- OLB Akeem Ayers (UCLA)
14) St. Louis Rams- WR Julio Jones (Alabama)


DB said...

Chad Henne Rhymes with DOUCHEBAG!!!!

DB said...

Chad Henne Rhymes with DOUCHEBAG!!!!