2011 Draft Special: Pick #8- Tennessee Titans

Just for my own sake (and I'm sure for you) according to Game Of Inches' mock draft, here's which players that have been drafted so far:

1) Carolina Panthers- DT Nick Fairley (Auburn)
2) Denver Broncos- DE Da'Quan Bowers (Clemson)
3) Buffalo Bills- CB Patrick Peterson (LSU)
4) Cincinnati Bengals- WR A.J. Green (Georgia)
5) Arizona Cardinals- QB Blaine Gabbert (Missouri)
6) Cleveland Browns- OLB Von Miller (Texas A&M)
7) San Fransisco 49ers- CB Prince Amukamara (Nebraska)

Last year Tennessee Titans had the second worst run blocking offensive line and the ninth best pass blocking offensive line. A lot of Football Outsider's offensive line stats have to do with the players that play behind the line. I don't think the Indianapolis Colts have all *that* good of a pass blocking offensive line but their FO pass blocking stats look better because Peyton Manning gets rid of the ball very quickly and doesn't get sacked. But considering the Titans had a top two rushing talent in Chris Johnson had a QB carousel that had Rusty Smith playing in three games, I think it's safe to say that these offensive line statistics are because of the line itself and not because of the talent of the skill positions. In terms of blocking Tennessee had THE WORST center and left guard and the third worst right tackle. On the plus side they had the sixth best right guard. Needless to say they are in desperate need of an offensive line.

On the defensive side Tennessee had the 7th best run blocking defensive line and 13th best pass blocking defensive line. Even though they don't have Albert Haynesworth or Kyle Vanden Bosch, Jason Babin and Dave Ball have filled in quite nicely on that defensive line. According to Football Outsiders, the Titans had the 13th best defense but were awful at stopping their opponent's number one receiver. They were really good at stopping every other receivers, just not the most important one to stop.

However, Tennessee's biggest problem right now is that they do not have a quarterback. They flat out released Vince Young, Rusty Smith is barely roster-able, and Kerry Collins will turn 39 in the middle of the 2011 season. If the lockout does happen then Tennessee can wait on drafting a quarterback in this draft and focus on their secondary and offensive line in this draft. But not only is that a horrible strategy to take, I don't think the NFL will have a lockout in 2011. I'm all for building up offensive lines but in Tennessee's case I don't know if the best offensive line ever make any current Tennessee quarterback good.

According to Scout's Inc Big Board Nebraska's defensive back Prince Amukamara would not only be a perfect fit for the Titans to complement Courtland Finnegan but would not be a reach. Realistically I think The Prince will be available to Tennessee at this spot, but in terms of this mock draft he is already taken. The other players in this area that would not be a reach for the Titans would be defensive ends and defensive players. But, on paper, Tennessee isn't *that* bad of a team that they can be picky and fill specific needs. And a defensive lineman is not a need for the Titans.

If I was the Titans GM and I was running this team I would 100% draft an offensive lineman right about now because I wouldn't have released Vince Young. However, if I'm the GM and I don't have a quarterback right now I'm torn between drafting an offensive lineman and drafting a quarterback. My first instinct is to go out and get a Kevin Kolb or even Matt Leinart. But if I can not do that then here is where I think the first reach of the draft occurs as the Tennessee Titans select Auburn QB Cam Newton.

As was stated in "We Are Marshall" the best way to get around a bad offensive line is to run the option offense. Chris Johnson is currently the best back in the game (and fastest) to run the option and Cam Newton is the best QB prospect on the board to run it as well. Tennessee used to run the option with Vince Young and CJ last year and it worked great for them. Now obviously a professional football team can't (rather shouldn't) run a full option offense for fear of hurting their franchise quarterback, but Newton is a great player to help this organization and to keep the option in the Tennessee playbook. After they take Newton the Titans can then re-build their offensive line.

Cam Newton is essentially an improved version of Vince Young. When you compare both quarterback's last season in college, Newton had the better completion percentage (66.1 to 65.2), better TD/INT ratio (4.29 to 2.60), more rushing touchdowns (20 to 12), better passer rating (182.05 to 163.90), more Heisman awards (1 to 0), and more cheating fathers (1 to 0). Cam Newton also does not have a single fumble as either a wide receiver or a quarterback. Cam Newton is a more talented Vince Young with less turnovers.

Tennessee's second pick should be spent on an offensive lineman to help Chris Johnson unleash his talent and their third pick should be spent on a defensive back to help out that secondary.

Titan's Needs:

- Offensive Lineman

- Defensive Backs

- Wide Receiver

- Tight End


Dmitry said...

i dont get replacing vince young with vince young

Sexy Rexy said...

For starters, I believe Cam Newton will be far superior to Vince Young

Secondly, Titans owner Bud Adams had a huge hard on for Vince Young and I think he'll gravitate towards Newton to fill the void that Young left behind

Next, I really think Young leaving was not within Adams control but was within his control was getting rid of Jeff Fischer and the people responsible for letting Young go. That's just my theory. (Even though Young has not been officially released)

Lastly, if the team does get rid of Young that means they're in desperate need of a QB and I'm not falling into your Ryan Mallet hype so the next best QB (at least in the draft) is Cam Newton

Sexy Rexy said...

Think of it as the Denver Broncos trading away Brandon Marshall just to use that pick to draft Demaryius Thomas

Dmitry said...

i didnt even realize that Young was let go. wouldnt be shocked if he's their starter next year