Lil' Wayne's Green And Yellow

I'm the biggest Weezy hater there is. I think he's overrated and while I think he has talent, I think he under utilizes it because he doesn't write anything down. But that being said, I actually like this song. Now as a Bears fan I hate the team he's rooting for but as a rap fan I enjoy this.

I will say this though, he's from New Orleans, how is he not a Saints fan so why is he a Packers fan? If you're from an area that doesn't have a sports team then it's understandable that you're a fan of a public team (i.e. Cowboys, Packers, Steelers) but he's from New Orleans- a city that DOES have an NFL team in it. Way to be loyal buddy.


Dmitry said...

1. this is horrible, doubt vegas clubs are gonna be rocking this

2. wiz khalifa is from pittsburgh(not sure if people know that)

3. lil wayne is a nasally bitch