QB Rankings

This is the fourth part of Game Of Inches four part ranking series. You can read our Part Three Running Back rankings here, our Part Two Wide Receiver rankings here, and our Part One Tight End rankings here.

1) This is not a fantasy ranking, this is an actual skill set ranking.
2) We said that if we had to draft players to play one game tomorrow, who would we choose. Now past and future performance was taken into account as well, but we felt this was the best way to accurately rank skill set of current players.
3) We only ranked 32 players- one from each team. The group used our best judgment to determine which was the teams best player to rank.
4) This is assuming all players are 100% healthy
5) Because we are ranking based off of talent alone, we assumed every running back on our list was playing behind the best pass blocking offensive line and playing with the same wide receivers.

- I probably have gone through at least ten different changes before I settled on this list
- I originally had Aaron Rodgers ranked 6th because I thought he couldn't come up in big games when his team needed him to. He proved me wrong.
- You can thank me for putting Tyler Thigpen as Miami's quarterback. In my head I knew I should have used Chad Henne but a) I truly think Thigpen is Miami's best quarterback and b) I really think Thigpen will be the Dolphins QB in 2011
- I originally had Matt Schaub ranked really low, but on a recent podcast Cubsfan convinced me to put him higher.
- Another ranking where Cubsfan disappoints me again with his low low Bears ranking. I mean, I'm down on Jay Cutler but you're telling me Joe Flacco and David Garrard would do better on this Chicago team!?
- Except for Cubsfan's absurd rankings of a few players (ie Cutler, Garrard), all three of our lists are essentially the same

And here... we... GO!

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DB said...

Ryan > Romo

Dmitry said...

i surprised you guys dont have carson palmer last the way you hate on him

Sexy Rexy said...

That should tell you how I feel about those other quarterbacks considering how much I do hate Palmer

Kelder said...

Cutler should be very high if it's just skill set.

The 'Bright' One said...

it's skill set..and who you actually want to QB your team. Maybe cutler has better skills than even phillip rivers, but rivers has shown to be the better leader/crunch time player. that was my rational Kedler