Running Back Rankings

This is Part Three of Game of Inches' Four Part set. You can read our Part Two WR rankings here and our Part One TE Rankings here.

1) This is not a fantasy ranking, this is an actual skill set ranking.
2) We said that if we had to draft players to play one game tomorrow, who would we choose. Now past and future performance was taken into account as well, but we felt this was the best way to accurately rank skill set of current players.
3) We only ranked 32 players- one from each team. The group used our best judgment to determine which was the teams best player to rank.
4) This is assuming all players are 100% healthy
5) Because we are ranking based off of talent alone, we assumed every running back on our list was playing behind the best run blocking offensive line

- Because we only chose one player from each team, there are some notable guys left off of this list. I was lobbying to rank Jonathan Stewart but he's clearly the inferior and #2 back in Carolina so I was voted down. Some other notable players left off of this list were LaDanian Tomlinson, Thomas Jones, Marion Barber, and Reggie Bush (although I might have left Bush's name off of this list just out of principle)
- There are really two different types of backs- the guys that can get 125 yards on 25 carries 16 games a season and the guys who can get 15 carries for 90 yards but also pair that with 5 catches for 80 yards. It was very hard (at least for me) to determine which skill set was better. However, I ultimately took the pass catcher over the non-pass catcher every time and I gave great weight to the backs ability to catch and not fumble.
- I was very upset at Cubsfan's rankings on Forte as he was by far the lowest on him. Considering all three of us are Bears fan and see most (if not all) of the Bears games, its obvious Forte's problems are offensive line related and not skill related.
- To me, the top of this list was very good. Hell, number 21 on my list was BenJarvis Green-Ellis who I praised to be a Pro Bowler. Although after my Law Firm ranking, I had no idea what to do. The only ranking I was 100% on was Beanie Wells because he sucks donkey balls.
- The 'Bright' One was by far the highest on Darren McFadden and he explains why here
- Both TBO and Cubsfan ranked Arian Foster #2. I personally didn't rank him that high not out of spite or because I don't like him, but because as good as he is, I think there are better

And now on with the show

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