Best Movies Of 2010

This title is a misnomer because not only is this list really more like my favorite movies, but this post is mainly dedicated to whom I think the Oscar front runner(s) should be.

In full disclosure, while I have seen a shit ton of movies in 2010, I still have not seen many ones that are considered "good" like 127 Hours, The King's Speech, Blue Valentine, or Winter's Bone (and many more). So subject to me seeing those, here's my list.

Best Movie

Winner: Inception
Runner Up: The Social Network

Best Director
Winner: Christopher Nolan (Inception)
Runner Up: David Fincher (The Social Network)

Best Actor

Winner: Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network)
Runner Up: Jeff Bridges (True Grit)
NOTE: This runner up is subject to change because I was not all that sold on Bridges and essentially all the movies I listed above have contenders.

Best Actress

Winner: Natalie Portman (Black Swan)
Runner Up: Annette Bening (The Kids Are Alright)

Best Supporting Actor

Winner: Christian Bale (The Fighter)
Runner Up: Justin Timberlake (The Social Network)

Best Supporting Actress

Winner: Melissa Leo (The Fighter)
Runner Up: Amy Adams (The Fighter)

Best Script
Winner: Christopher Nolan (Inception)
Runner Up: Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network)

The Best (really my favorite) Movies Of 2010

10) Toy Story 3

9) How To Train Your Dragon

8) Paranormal Activity 2

7) The Other Guys

6) Frozen

5) The Fighter

4) Black Swan

3) Kick Ass

2) The Social Network

1) Inception


David "MVP" Eckstein said...

My top 10:
1. Inception
2. Social Network
3. Black Swan
4. True Grit
5. Toy Story 3
6. Winter's Bone
7. The King's Speech
8. The Fighter
9. Shutter Island
10. Scott Pilgrim v. The World
Runners Up: Kick Ass, How To Train Your Dragon, The Other Guys

Movies I did not see in 2010: The Town, The Kids Are Alright, Blue Valentine, Buried, The Town, Somewhere, 127 Hours

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

Oh yeah. Frzen for #9, bumping scott p. off the list.

Dmitry said...

wow, DME didnt see The Town, twice

David "MVP" Eckstein said...

I also forgot about the movie "Red", which I'll rank on par with frozen, knocking off Shutter Island