Who Deserves To Be A Pro Bowler? Part VII: Actual Players, NFC, Offense

Before you comment or bitch or anything, please read my introduction to this series here and the stats in which I am basing my opinions upon can be found here

Starter: Michael Vick (PHI)
Bench: Aaron Rodgers (GB), Drew Brees (NO)
Apologies to: Matt Ryan (ATL)

As good of a year as Matt Ryan is having and all the intangibles and all that crap, he is nowhere close to the level or talent or skill of Aaron Rodgers. Although I have no problem taking Matt Ryan, I would take him ahead of the interception prone Drew Brees. Aaron Rodgers has been selected to a Pro Bowl before and is well respected in the league so I find it extremely surprising that he didn't get selected.

Running Back
Starter: LeSean McCoy (PHI)
Bench: Adrian Peterson (MIN), Michael Turner (ATL)

St. Louis' Steven Jackson was selected over McCoy and this I'm sure was done based upon pure reputation. I understand that as good as Sam Bradford is he's not an elite quarterback yet and the Rams have a shitty offensive line and that Jackson is a great talent still, but he's done great things with a worse line and worse QB and selecting him over McCoy is a great injustice to a guy who plays in a position that doesn't have a long shelf life and needs every year to be recognized.

Wide Receiver
Starters: Roddy White (ATL), Calvin Johnson (DET)
Bench: Greg Jennings (GB), Larry Fitzgerald (ARI)
Apologies to: Hakeem Nicks (NYG), DeSean Jackson (PHI), Marques Colston (NO)

You can read here about how I feel towards Larry Fitzgerald. DeSean Jackson was selected as the 4th NFC wide out and I think that's a great pick. I don't think Fitzgerald not being sent to Hawaii is as egregious as Rodgers or McCoy but I don't think Fitzgerald should be punished for his awful quarterback. My next choice after him would be Nicks, then Jackson, then Colston.

Tight End
Starter: Jason Witten (DAL)
Bench: Vernon Davis (SF)
Apologies to: Tony Gonzalez (ATL)

Again, another close one between Gonzalez and Davis and Gonzalez got selected over Davis but if I had my way, with essentially all things equal, I'll give more credit to the guy with the crappier quarterback.

Starter: Jonathan Goodwin (NO)
Bench: Shaun O'Hara (NYG)

Left Guard
Starter: Mike Iupati (SF)
Bench: Justin Blalock (ATL)

Left Tackle
Starter: Levi Brown (ARI)
Bench: Frank Omiyale (CHI)

Right Guard
Starter: Harvey Dahl (ATL)
Bench: Chad Clifton (GB)

Right Tackle
Starter: Jason Smith (STL)
Bench: Kareen McKenzie (NYG)

My offensive line data is based upon DVOA and DYAR from Football Outsiders so I think there's an inherent flaw in my analysis to begin with, but I think it's interesting how little actual Pro Bowlers selected are on this list. I think that's because the players are selected based upon reputation and not based upon talent

Starter: Ryan Longwell (MIN)

Starter: Mat McBriar (DAL)

Kick Returner
Starter: Devin Hester (CHI)