So How Did Those Blackhawks Trades Work Out?

After the most amazing, spectacular, unbelievable playoff run in sports history, the Blackhawks were forced to gut their roster for the purposes of staying under the hard salary cup that the NHL emposes. With Kane and Toews both signing long term contracts worth 6 mil per, and Keith, Hossa, and Campbell already making the big bucks, there simply was not enough money to go around under the 59 million salary cap. And while everyone inticipated a couple of our beloved Blackhawks getting shipped away, no one could imagine that Stan Bowman would literraly gut half the team. So lets take a look at how the former Hawks have performed with their new teams.

Dustin Byfuglien - 16 goals, 41 points in 48 games. Previous career high of 36 points
Kris Versteeg - 12 goals, 31 points in 41 games
Andrew Ladd - 16 goals, 38 points in 48 games
John Madden - 7 goals, 15 points in 45 games
Ben Eager - 3 goals, 10 points in 34 games
Martin havlat - 13 goals, 43 points in 47 games - exiled in 2008
Antti Niemi - 11-13-2 2.79GAA 91%

As we can see, everyone outside of Antti Niemi is having a career season and flourishing in their increased role on their new teams. Bittersweat