Final Words On The Cutler Situation

I had a grade 2 sprain of my shoulder just 7 months ago playing basketball. Not only was it extremely painful, to the point where I couldnt even lay down in bed without scorching pain, but it felt like the entire left side of my body was disconnected. Putting on a shirt was impossible, let alone trying to outrun the greatest athletes on earth.
Cutler got hurt getting tackled by 2 Packers in the endzone on an incompletion with 4:06 left in the 1st half- I looked it up on my Tivo. He played 2 more series that half, got a pain killer over halftime, and tried playing one more series to start the 2nd half. To sprain the MCL, a person needs to get hit on the lateral side of the knee to create the tension medially. Most athletes experience the so called "unhappy triad", a sprain to the ACL, MCL, and medial meniscus. Luckily, Cutler only hurt the MCL and will not require surgery and a lengthy rehab process.

Just because Cutler doesnt care about you, the media, it doesnt mean he doesn't care about his job or the fans. We can't all be as fake as Tim fucking Tebow.


Sexy Rexy said...

Here here brotha! I'm so sick of people hating on him. As Greg Olson said, "It's easy to criticize when your sitting on your couch"

"Green Bay defensive lineman B.J. Raji said he also thought the criticism was "pretty wrong and a lot times it has a lot to do with jealously.''

"'We hit the guy pretty hard, we broke out some different angles, all different places on the field,'' Raji said. "I mean, he is a warrior. Any time a player has the longevity that he has had in this league you are a tough guy.'"

Brian said...

Stupid to criticize that much. With that o-line, against that defense, with an immobile QB, recipe for a 35-7 game. said...

So, I do not actually consider this may have success.