Tight End Rankings

This is the first of a four part set of how Sexy Rexy, The 'Bright' One, and Cubsfan4evr1 would rank players. We obviously first started off with the tight ends. The main reason for this was because I initially wanted all three authors to do a brief write up how why they ranked the way they did but a few weeks have gone by and Cubsfan and TBO haven't written one yet so I'll start off with the "crappiest" of the four positions (next we'll do wide receivers, running backs, and then quarterbacks) so hopefully as time goes on, write ups will come. But for now, let's just get a post rolling!

1) This is not a fantasy ranking, this is an actual skill set ranking.
2) We said that if we had to draft players to play one game tomorrow, who would we choose. Now past and future performance was taken into account as well, but we felt this was the best way to accurately rank skill set of current players.
3) We only ranked 32 players- one from each team. The group used our best judgment to determine which was the teams best player to rank.
4) This is assuming all players are 100% healthy

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David "MVP" Eckstein said...

Way to not include my TE rankings, you jerks!