Wide Receiver Rankings

This is the second of our four part series that Sexy Rexy, The 'Bright' One, and Cubsfan4evr1 have put together. You can read Part One on Tight Ends here

1) This is not a fantasy ranking, this is an actual skill set ranking.
2) We said that if we had to draft players to play one game tomorrow, who would we choose. Now past and future performance was taken into account as well, but we felt this was the best way to accurately rank skill set of current players.
3) We only ranked 32 players- one from each team. The group used our best judgment to determine which was the teams best player to rank.
4) This is assuming all players are 100% healthy

- Because we only chose one player from each team, there are guys like Jeremy Maclin, Austin Collie, and Steve Smith (NYG), etc. that very easily could have and would have made this list if it was only the 32 best wide outs in the league. But all those guys have a better talented player that they play next to and that we felt deserved to be ranked higher
- We could not for the life of us think of the Rams #1 wide out. If this question was asked at the end of the '09 season we probably would have said Donnie Avery. If we asked this question after Week 2 we would have said Mark Clayton. But if you can tell me the talent difference between Laurent Robinson, Brandon Gibson, and Danny Amendola then more power to you! It would not change our ranking in the least though
- I personally think Derrick Mason is the best receiver in Baltimore. But I was outvoted
- We choose Louis Murphy in Oakland because we felt he got targeted more and had a bit better numbers than the other guys, but really we got into St. Louis receiver territory here
- My apologies for Mohammed Mossoquoi's name from getting cut off but it was a necessary causality. And that's what he gets for sucking
- I think it's amazing our similar TBO's and my list are- especially compared to Cubsfan's list

Now on to the show

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