Who Deserves To Be A Pro Bowler? Part X: Actual Players, AFC, Defense

Before you comment or bitch or anything, please read my introduction to this series here and the stats in which I am basing my opinions upon can be found here

Defensive End
Starters: Mario Williams (HOU), Jason Babin (TEN)
Bench: Dave Ball (TEN)
Apologies to: Robert Mathis (IND), Dwight Freeney (IND)

When I compiled my stats and when NFL players vote, Mario Williams was second in the AFC in sacks and first in WPA. He also currently leads the AFC in hurries. I think he's fallen off since Week 13 but that's after when NFL players vote for the Pro Bowl and I think him not being on the roster is a tragedy. Dave Ball was also top 3 in both WPA and Sacks. I'm also glad the AFC only took three defensive ends because I honestly don't know which Colts DE is better, but the slight slight slight edge I gave to Freeney.

Defensive Tackle
Starters: Haloti Ngata (BAL), Kyle Williams (BUF)
Bench: Richard Seymour (OAK)

I haven't been watching as much Pats football this year as I've liked to so I don't know if Vince Wilfork is having a bad year or not but I think Williams, based upon individual numbers, is having a really good year.

Starters: Cam Wake (MIA), Jarrod Mayo (NE), James Harrison (PIT)
Bench: Lawrence Timmons (PIT), Ray Lewis (BAL)
Apologies to: Terrell Suggs (BAL)

Without even intending to, I agree with the actual Pro Bowl selections for the most part. I have no problem taking Suggs ahead of Timmons but pretty good job guys. For once.

Starters: Troy Polamalu (PIT), Ed Reed (BAL)
Bench: Michael Griffin (TEN)

I still don't know how to accurately determine Pro Bowl safeties. It's possible Brandon Meriweather (NE) is better than Griffin.

Starters: Devin McCourtey (NE), Antoine Cason (SD)
Bench: Joe Haden (CLE)

I think this year Nnamandi and Revis are getting in on pure reputation. Last year, you could look at what great #1 wide outs like Andre Johnson and Randy Moss did against the Jets (poorly) and that was shown when the Jets were the best team at stopping teams #1 wide outs in terms of DVOA according to Football Outsiders. This year, the San Diego Chargers have the best defense and are the best at stopping other teams #1 wide outs. Cason is second in the AFC in interceptions so I'm just assuming he's better than Quentin Jammer. But I've only seen like two Chargers games this year so I don't know.

Joe Haden is tied for the AFC lead in interceptions but I originally dismissed it as the DeAngelo Hall effect- a bad corner/ defense that gets thrown on often is eventually going to get SOME opportunities for interceptions. But Haden is also 2nd in the AFC in WPA and is 7th in the AFC in EPA (right behind Cason).

Total Number of Selections According To Me:
- Baltimore Ravens (6)
- Buffalo Bills (2)
- Cincinnati Bengals (1)
- Cleveland Browns (1)
- Houston Texans (4)
- Indianapolis Colts (0)
- Jacksonville Jaguars (0)
- Houston Texans (5)
- Kansas City Chiefs (5)
- Miami Dolphins (1)
- New England Patriots (5)
- New York Jets (3)
- Oakland Raiders (2)
- Pittsburgh Steelers (4)
- San Diego Chargers (3)
- Tennessee Titans (4)

Seeing as how a bad Houston Texans team has five Pro Bowlers and a good New York Jets team only has 3, I may take away Center Chris Evan's selection and give it to Nick Mangold who leads the best offensive line in football. That way each team will at least have four. But honestly, the Texans have some great pieces in place and even some great pieces like Mario Williams, Brian Cushing and former Bears great Mark Anderson on that horrific defense, so it doesn't surprise me, that when praising individual talent, the Texans excel.

I am happy to report that the Colts inherently got no selections. I great argument can be made that either Mathis or Freeney deserves to be ahead of Dave Ball. But even still, that's only one selection. The Colts really are an overrated team and I hope they get bounced in the first round of the playoffs by the Ravens.

The Chiefs are the only team to have a Pro Bowler (or one I think should be a Pro Bowler) from the quarterback, running back, and wide receiver position from either league. The Falcons, Patriots, Eagles, and Packers came close.