My Extended Playlist of Sports Podcasts

A few months ago I started a full time job where I have to wake up at 6:30am everyday! I quickly learned that the day gets boring fast when your just doing work all day, even when your doing work you enjoy. To make the day more enjoyable and go by faster I like to listen to stuff in the background. So I tried bringing a personal radio (with headphones) to work and listing to my local sports talk. It was hard to get good reception in my cubicle though. So after a few days I gave up on the radio. My company blocks many media outlets on our network such as ESPN Pod center so I couldn’t listen to ESPN’s podcast’s the same day they came out. So that leaves me listening to my i-pod and listing to podcast’s from the day before. I also listen to music on my i-pod, but like hearing talk in the background so I try to have good options ready to make me productive!

My favorite podcast are CBS Sports line fantasy football podcast. I find it is the most informative fantasy football podcast out there. I also like both fantasy focus podcast’s with fantasy focus football probably having the slight edge, even though I like baseball better. Those three Podcast are the only sport podcasts I really enjoy and look forward too. I recommend that you check these out.

The other podcasts I listen to are okay, but nothing special. If I wasn’t looking for other stuff to listen to while I was at work I wouldn’t listen to some of them. The BS report with Bill Simmons was highly recommended to me by TBO and it is starting to grow on me. This one is starting to become a borderline must listen to for me. I also listen to Baseball Today, Football Today, and Fantasy Focus Basketball. None of these last three are anything special though and I am trying to get TBO to do a fantasy basketball podcast with me to see how it comes out because of my rant on the lack of fantasy basketball outlets.

Let me know if you have any other good podcasts I should listen to!


Sexy Rexy said...

The best podcast out there is the Game of Inches podcast!

I had the same problem at work a few years back. I go through phases with Bill Simmons and I like him a lot now. I also recommend, esp. if you have a lot of time, the Adam Carolla podcast.

Some other podcasts I like: Freakonmics, How Stuff Works, The Film Vault, I Love Movies with Doug Benson

If you like sports (which I know you do) you should check out teh Dave Damasheck one, Spidey and the Hench, and the ESPN shows like Around The Horn and Pardon The Interruption in podcast form

Cubsfan4evr said...

I tried listing to the Game Of Inches Pod Cast's at work but it block's that site too!

TBO talks about Adam Carolla so maybe I should check him out. I have never heard of esp. I do listen to Freakonmics. Some of the topics are good, others not so much like the one the other day on Organ donation.

Thanks for the other sports ones! I will check them out.

Sexy Rexy said...

Wait wait wait wait wait, did you comment "I have never heard of esp." thinking that "esp." was a podcast. Esp. is short for especially. Like, the Carolla podcast is so freaking long that especially for a guy like you its perfect.

GOI is hooked up to iTunes so you can download all the podcasts to your iPod and listen from that