Game Of Inches Football Results: Week Seventeen

I am still under the contention that Week 17 should not count for the Pigskin Pick 'Em contest. This is a week in which you don't know who's starting, for how long, and this week has gotta be awful for Vegas. Ef this week. I vote that this week should not count for next year. But nevertheless I, Sexy Rexy, won the contest this year after coming in last place last year.

Pigskin Pick 'Em

1) Sexy Rexy
Overall: 169-87
Last Week: 12-4

2) The 'Bright' One
Overall: 167-89
Last Week: 12-4

3) Cubsfan4evr1
Overall: 151-105
Last Week: 11-5

No clutch games or WTF games this week because of the nature of Week 17. And helps further my point of why we should not count this week. Ironically, this was one of all three of our best weeks this season.

Fan Fact: The 'Bright' One (including leading ties as a win) won the most weeks with 10. Sexy Rexy won 8, Cubsfan4erv1 won 4.