Caleb Hanie Still Thinks Jay Cutler Sucks

Some comments from my YouTube page today

HAHAHA, I'm not even a Bears fan but this qb gets my respect. This guy came out to win. He should have earned a spot as the starter with that type of performance. Cutler is a heartless joke. I've been saying it for years, and this 3rd stringer proved it.

Hanie should be a starter

Props to Hanie for stepping up in the NFC championship game. It was a pretty close comeback

Fucking Cutler is so bad

Well judging by the way Cutler wussed out on his team against the packers for the NFC championship imma say Hanie was right, he is better, Big Props to Hanie gained a lot of my respect

LOL, I'm a But I got to say that some of the bear fans are in denial. Cutler was playing like **** even before the so called knee injury. And if his knee was that bad with torn knee ligaments, than how was he able to stand and walk perfectly fine? He walked over to rodgers pretty damn quickly to give him a hug. If his knees really had torn ligaments than he wouldn't even be standing if it was that bad, much less walking fine!



thebettingedge said...

Cutler does suk...Hanie played tough

this video sums it all up

Anonymous said...

No, hanie sucks and he's proved it since Cutler got injured. Caleb Hanie has no place on a nfl roster he's a practice squad qb at best and he wouldn't even start in the UFL