Who Deserves To Be A Pro Bowler? Part IX: Actual Players, NFC, Defense

Before you comment or bitch or anything, please read my introduction to this series here and the stats in which I am basing my opinions upon can be found here.

Defensive End
Starters: Julius Peppers (CHI), Justin Tuck (NYG)
Bench: Chris Clemons (SEA)
Apologies to: Kyle Vanden Bosch (DET), Osi Umenyiora (NYG), John Abraham (ATL)

In the NFC, the leaders right now according to FO in hurries is: Chris Long (STL), DeMarcus Ware (DAL), Charles Johnson (CAR), Julius Peppers, and then Chris Clemons. Besides Ware who's a linebacker, only Peppers and Clemons are top 4 in the NFC in either sacks or WPA as well so that's why I say they go to the Pro Bowl and Justin Tuck is the only guy who's both top 4 in WPA and sacks.

Defensive Tackle
Starters: Nddamukong Suh (DET), Justin Smith (SF)
Bench: Darnell Docket (ARI)

Donkey Kong Suh has nine sacks. As a defensive tackle. That's just amazing. To put that in perspective, in Albert Haynesworth's best year, he only had 8.5 sacks. And he was in the league for 7 years before he did that. Smith was named the alternate and i think he deserves to start. Especially over the overrated Jay Ratliff (DAL) who only went because he plays in Dallas. I chose Docket as the alternate because he leads the league in WPA.

Starters: DeMarcus Ware (DAL), Brian Urlacher (CHI), Clay Matthews (GB)
Bench: Chad Greenway (MIN), Patrick Willis (SF)
Apologies to: Brian Orakpo (WAS)

I think I need no justification for my starters, just watch them play and they do everything they're asked to do and then some. Chad Greenway leads the NFC in tackles and is second in the NFC in tackles for loss (according to when I compiled my stats). The only difference between my selections and the Pro Bowl selections is that I took Greenway over Lance Briggs (CHI). As much as I love my Bears, Briggs had a pretty bad second half of the season and did not deserve to go.

Starters: Earl Thomas (SEA), LaRon Landry (WAS)
Bench: Kerry Rhodes (ARI)

If you can give me a definite, clear cut way how to judge safeties and disagree with my selections, please let me know and I'll be glad to change my results. Otherwise I will base my selections upon interceptions and WPA.

Starters: Asante Samuel (PHI), Aquib Talib (TAM)
Bench: Charles Woodson (GB)

Total Number of Selections According To Me:
- Arizona Cardinals (4)
- Atlanta Falcons (4)
- Carolina Panthers (0)
- Chicago Bears (4)
- Dallas Cowboys (3)
- Detroit Lions (2)
- Green Bay Packers (5)
- Minnesota Vikings (3)
- New Orleans Saints (2)
- New York Giants (3)
- Philadelphia Eagles (3)
- San Fransisco 49ers (4)
- Seattle Seahawks (2)
- St. Louis Rams (1)
- Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1)
- Washington Redskins (1)