US Government Hates Sports

Many of us sports fans use the free streaming sports websites to watch a lot of our sports. For me, I dont even have Comcast Sportsnet Chicago at my apartment, which broadcasts most Chicago sports. But I can always find the hockey or basketball game streaming live and watch it on my computer as I study. Well, this is no more the case. Today, Homeland Security seized most of the major servers hosting streaming sports. These include the big boppers,,, and Sure, there do exist some other small servers such as vodkasports, but only having one or two sources is not reliable when it comes to watching a game, and I am sure these will be extinguished as well.

However, experience has shown us that the internet will get it's power back one way or another. Other sources will arise. Other methods of distribution will come about. People will get their sports back. Prohibition didnt last and neither will this. Unfortunately for the time being, I'm going to have to smooch to other people to watch a stinking basketball game. Thanks for nothing government!

Funny joke I heard on Comedy Central:
"Why is the government spending precious time and money investigating steroids in baseball? It's not enough that people have no money, job, or home, now we're gonna make baseball less fun!"