Board Bet Update: Some Winners

Even though the season is not yet over, some of us has already won some board bets. Here some winners and bets in which we will grant a winner very soon.

Sexy Rexy vs. David "MVP" Eckstein

- Over/Under 44.5 SB for Juan Pierre
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (Over). Pierre currently has 48

-Over/Under 100 Games Played for Carlos Quentin
WINNER: DME (Over). Quentin currently has 103

-Over/Under 4.00 ERA for Jake Peavy
WINNER: DME (Over). Peavy ended the year with a 4.63 ERA

All but conceded bets

-Will the Chicago Cubs make the playoffs?
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (No). Either gonna be the Reds or Cardinals

-Will Cole Hamels be a top 15 pitcher?
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (No). Currently 41st

-Will the Indians finish higher than the White Sox?
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (No). ChiSox: 2nd, Indians: last
SIDENOTE: We will film DME literally eat his words when he officially loses

-Who has a better ERA: John Danks or Justin Masterson
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (Danks). Danks: 3.33, Masterson: 5.23

-Will the Indians finish top 2 in the AL Central?
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (No), Currently last

-Who will be better: Javy Vazquez or Phil Hughes?
WINNER: DME (Hughes)

-Will Bobby Jenks be a top ten RP?

-Will Alberto Callaspo be either a top 10 2B or 3B
WINNER: Sexy Rexy (No). 15th best 2B, 18th best 3B

Sexy Rexy vs. The 'Bright' One

-Will Justin Masterson have a quality start on 05/09/10
WINNER; Sexy Rexy (No). Masterson went 5 IP 2 ER. Close but no cigar.

David "MVP" Eckstein vs. The 'Bright' One

-Will Kendry Morales hit 25 home runs?
WINNER: DME (No). Morales ended the year with 11

All but conceded bets

-20+ home runs for Kelly Johnson?
WINNER: DME (Yes) Johnson currently has 19

-Max Scherzer vs. Justin Masterson
WINNER: TBO (Scherzer)

-Over/Under 1.20 WHIP for DME's fantasy draft team

The 'Bright' One vs. Cubsfan

All but conceded bets

-Over/Under 25 HR for Carlos Quentin
WINNER: TBO (Over) Quentin currently has 24

-Over/Under 3.00 ERA for Tommy Hanson
WINNER: TBO (Over) Hanson's ERA currently is 3.41

-Clayton Kershaw vs. Jered Weaver
WINNER: Cubsfan (Weaver). Weaver: 10; Kershaw: 16

Cubsfan vs. David "MVP" Eckstein

-Adam Lind vs. Grady Sizemore
WINNER: Cubsfan (Lind)


The 'Bright' One said...

our masterson bet is shit

5ip 2r = 3.8era

6ip 3r = 4.5era

So masterson exceeded expectations yet i still lose bet. Thats gay

Sexy Rexy said...

The bet was not whether Masterson would have a good ERA but he could a) Pitch at least six innings AND b) get 3 earned runs or less

Part of the problem with Masterson at the time of this bet was his inability to go deep into games (mainly bc he kept getting rocked)

So while Masterson did have a good game and ultimately that's what you wanted to bet on, that's not what our bet was

All you guys need to be clear with the exact terms and language of the bets you make